Friday, December 26, 2008

Change tone~~


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Genting trip

Finally back from genting...
its an un expected trip wiv many unexpected things..
last chance for us to stay together wiv our frens..
hang out together...share precious moment wiv fren...
how hard am i trying to enjoy tis trip..
but it seems doesnt turn out the way i want it to be..
mayb i enjoy the trip mayb im not..
certainly i dun really noe wat is on my mind..
argh..all these complicated feelings is disturbing me like hell..
end of this trip..end of evrything..i dun ever wan to c him anymore...
love is such a waste for someone who doesnt know how to appreciate it..
anyway..happy to be back home..
i hope others enjoy the trip~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gosh..kidney stone~~

Finally my bro finished his PMR exam...
which means i can online..
but tat bloody hell brother was so keen on DOta...
n he was possesing the whole comp which is suppose to be mine...
lolz...summre get scolded from him when i wan to online...
wat the hell...sorry to say tat...argh...mad...
few days ago..which is thursday...
when i was peeing suddenly i felt a terrible pain on my left side kidney..
cramp i i skip my bio class n went to the doctor..
the doctor tested my urine with an indicator n she said tat my blood contained in my urine
had exceeded the inidicator limit coz it turn black when it supposed to be green
to show tat it contain blood n infected...okay...i was stunned...
but i shud hav realised it coz i really lack of water..
im lazy to go to toilet n drink less water...lolz..
now the problem come...she gave me an injection n asked to me come again
after a week for checkup to make sure tat i didnt get kidney stone... evryone..tis teach me a lesson ...drink more water n go to toilet whenever
u wanna pee..dun ever bear wiv it..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

~ming'S Life~

Welcome to my blog readers~
Ahem..I guess evryone that are invited to read my blog knew me quite well..
so i will juz cut the introduction crap..
Read it n feel it urself..Sad,Happy,Dissapointing and Blissful moment