Friday, January 16, 2009


Hmm..didnt blog few days coz nothing important n special enuf to share..
but suddenly think of a theme tat touches me~lolz
chatting wiv few of my fren said tat he trust he n his gf will be forever
n she will be his future wife..
er...i didnt mean to spoilt his dream n hope..but
there is no forever ting in my love life dictionary~
i used to believe it..but not now anymore
guys said d same thing to evry gals...
evry gal he will promise forever~
evrything is so sweet n perfect when both of u are so in love..
in the end..when u two seperate apart..
all those promise n forever shit juz gone like tat
vanish in ur life..appear in another gal life...
the circle goes around n around..
i didnt mean to be sarcastic..n no offence..
even fren cant last forever,love can make it??
i dun tink not pessimistic~
Juz personal opinion~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fall in love with twilight

Today is my third day of office work..
gettin use to my job anyway~
so..tat day liching borrowed me the book twilight..
actually at first not really interested in reading it..
coz i watch the movie before...
and i tinking it will be juz the same as the movie...
but then coz of the boredness..i read the first chapter..
n then i was like really obsessed to it.. only i realise tat i dun really understand tat movie coz
tat day it showed without subtitle....
hmm..n after reading the chapter i cant stop..
nearly finished tat book yesterday..
so god damn touching...even though i knew tat
tis wont happen in reality but it still touched me.. hoping i can go to the bookstore n get the second series...
coz christine told me it got about 5 series....
the book revealed deeply all the character feeling n their passion.
ecspecially the two main character Edward n Bella..
Like edward already been in 17 years old for ninety over years
but he still haven meet someone tat gave him such special feeling
tat attracted him like Bella...lolz..although it sounds abit
impossible..but still it attracted me..
for those who haven get to watch that movie yet...
i will advice them to read the book first....
the story is mainly bout a high school love story with a bunch of vampires...

~~lolz..i called the digi centre juz now to enquiry about changing the registered name
to mine...n they told me tat both hav to be present to succes the transaction....
okay..then i hav no choice but to change new number...gif me suggestion which
i shud switch to..maxis,digi or celcom??

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My very first working experience

Quite a time since i last updated my blog~ pc attacked by virus n cant get to surt the net at home..
so im spending my lunch time for surfing..
kinda busy recently...finding a job till getting it n lost it at the same time~
erm...last friday get my vry first working experience in jj...
work as a promoter in a shoe shop for only two days~
first day when i first saw the bloody hell tall ladder which they use to climb up the store
to take the stock really freek me out~
gosh was almost 10 over feet tall...
hav to climb it without excuse is really a challenging task for me..
as my fren know..i got phobia to height..erm...
i climb up at the first time n cant get down from it.. been yelling up there for help~haha
so..tats it..becoz of the phobia...the supervisor quit me after two days..
isnt she dumb?i sold off 13 shoes the second day...n she quit me..
anyway...its their i end up jobless last two days..
but then i accidently get a job from my cousin as a clerk
on sunday...yesterday was my first day.
evrythin works fine n i feel more comfortable wiv this job..
no need to stand all day long n suffer from muscle pain...
my dad agreed when the supervisor quit me coz
he said wat if i fall from the ladder..whos gonna be responsible for tat..
the supervisor told me the same thing too.. im tryin to enjoy my workinglife..
study is totally different from working...
smart in study doesnt mean u are capable in handling ur job~
becoz im the newbie in the company..evrythin there seem so new to me
n evryone was like vry serious while working..
the card punching in n out really fascinate me...
but then...late for the first 5 minutes eliminate rm10 from ur salary..
the second 5minutes eliminate rm20.
isnt it scary????