Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A true fren?

Im sure that evryone around me have frens..
alot of frens i guess..but..hav u ever think deeply tat how many among them
considered as true fren?
i have been thinking about tis recently..hmm..
so i came up wiv these..
A true fren is someone who~

*Doesnt judge u by the way how u look n dress up..
*U can hang out wiv even though without make up..
*Are willing to be with u when u are depressed,sad n face obstacle..
*U can met when u are in pyjamas without any sense of embarassment..
*Will not cause u trouble..
*Doesnt care wat bag u are hanging even though they are not Gucci,Coach,LV,etc..
*Doesnt care whether u are dressed up with all kind of branded stuff..
*Wan to share evry bitter n sweet moment with u..
*Who will always remember ur birthday..
*Who will get angry n jealous when u are more close with another fren..
(tats wat liching always feel.haha)
*Willing to sacrifice their precious time wiv their loved one so tat they can spare sometime
for u..
*Will not criticise ur loved one coz they know u will get hurt..

A friend in need is a friend indeed..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Description before viewing the photos~

Its a black saturday coz its Valentine~
ya..rite~valentine..who cares about it when u are single?
haha~okay..back to the point..
its the day before my birthday~so my parents are organising a small gathering for me
i invited all my mum sides relatives as usual..n also few frens from previous skul..
which include~felicia~mong szu~khai peng~lay hoon~n jun kit from kwang hua(previous)~
so..we did had a great time chitchatting~
n i received real roses from felicia,joseph n my aunt~ really suprised me n im really happy~coz tis is the first time
i get real roses..


its my birthday!im officially er really 18!! now an adult(self syoking)..haha
i went to kbca in the morning for drama acting..
n then went home prepare (chin zheng n lian again being so punctual
n end up they waited me for half an hour i tink)
n headed to Aeon...went for singing at greenbox..but
i dun really enjoy it!!!coz..i got a bad sore throat n
i lost my voice..cant sing..
after,mona n joe went for tea time at Lavender..
snap few photos there coz its environment is really nice..
n then we meet up wiv the guys n
went for movie~pink panther..
6 of us hav to choose couple seat coz theres no more places available..
n then after tat funny movie~we went to station one for dinner..
erm..actually im the only one who was eating..haha..
back to home~lost my voice..cant speak now..end of the story~

pictures~valentine n birthday~

tis is my first birthday cake from banana..wiv many strawberries on it..


heres my flowers for valentine n birthday~sweet...this is the first time i get real roses!
tis is my second birthday cake bought by mong szu~

tis is my third birthday cake from secret recipe by my mum~
i choose it~haha

present from liching n banana~

joenna n mii at greenbox~

my fourth cake from kevin~


mii at lavender~