Thursday, April 23, 2009

Non stop eating~

My non stop eating habit although im not hungry had become worst..yea..
no doubt for tat..although i did go for jog n swimming but then still i can hardly
maintain my body im kinda out fo shape now n gaining weight of course..
but i juz cant resist eating!its someting me!
n then i always always ajak my fren for supper although im not hungry..
erm..bad..few days ago i went for "lut lut"..n then i ate 10sticks..
my fren was like ==....n they ask me..u vry hungry meh?
i say no wor..haha..gosh.wat to do??

me ~ diana ~ ee fuan
me n tom~

Tam chiak luk~lol

im serious in eating!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God love mii~^^

Today is my economy test..juz finished it..
curios how i did?~~
let start from yesterday..
I went swimming with fren n then dinner until 10 something..
bluring and dreaming in front of the pc for dont know how long only start study abit..
n then waiting for 3am to come coz got match~Arsenal vs Liverpool..
n then...i half study half dreaming while waiting...
n then my fren came n fetch me at 2.45am..i brought along my economy books..huiseh..
i glad i did tat..n then my fren force me to study..he wan ask question..
so i got no choice..i study few subtopics n few pages...
the match was really nice man...the Arshavin guy goals for Arsenal~omygwad..
n then...turn out to be 4-4..i still hope liverpool to lose..aiks..
abit dissapointed...tats another point..
n then here comes the main point..i slept at 5am n woke up at 9sumthing today...
obviously i skipped a class..n then here comes the economy test..
i dun really put so much hope in it..coz i study half of the syllabus tat covered only..
but then..god love me..guess wat..
the whole paper only come out wat i study ytday..ONLY~
muahaha..i got the LUCk~nice day~^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

u never change!

Today had my account n english test for first semester..
English paper is juz a formal letter so i manage to do it for sure..
For the account part, im not really familiar with accounting,
as i never take accounting before..but coz of the working experience
3months at the account department,i knew a lil bit of it..A LIL..
and i started class after one week,definitely face some problems dealing with it..
all those most basic thing i cant even classify like credit n debit..
although i like my account teacher so much n i never skip her class before,
but she is teaching way too i still haven manage to
get the whole concept or an idea for the whole thing,she already
started a new topic..~~
as i said ,i never change..
i always do last minute work..
no matter assignment,study,homework..etc.
i will always only do it when the due date is very near..
its a terrible doubt for tat!
but i never change,many many experience i had before...but i juz never change!
and..tomorrow i had my legal study exam,essay part 1000words,
and obviously i havent touch the book at all..
ther is also a law assignment needed to pass up tomorrow,
i haven even flip over the book!
for myself:
ur brain is full of ashes and bushes..
u tink of someone that u shouldnt tink of...
u never change ur last min attitude..
u never serious in ur study..
u never appreciate wat u
wat else...
coz of last min study only u feel frustrated n depressed like nobody did..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Current School~

My coursemate~arent they cute~
with me~in black~

my hostel room~ignore the messy side~

outside view of my hostel block~

one of the academic block~there is 4 block i guess~

nice view~

Due to laziness..i hav been delaying the process of uploading my picture n information of my
college im currently studying..erm..
so..tats is a link where a blogger Kenny Sia took great picture of my skul..
its far too great compare to mine~==

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my friend are so cute n adorable~^^

Coz of km sentimental act writing all those crap in his blog..kevan did the same thing i managed to grab all their comment about me in my blog..juz to share..i got two frens tat appreciate me the same way i appreciate them..envy rite?haha

KEVAN wrote this~
Next is the WanMing the so called Boyish girl by KM.
She aint boyish actually..Perhaps she is more to adorable for me.
But dont too perasan hor ;D
We used to call her Ang Dao Beng
Dont really remember why we call her so
And this is a photograph of her
So elegant 8DI
can say that she is my closest girl friend..Like to crap along
I got to know her when she transferred to our school..
Juhyen and the rest were like"Hey there is a lenglui from my addmath tuition joining our school"So i was curious when they say so..
So i went to the office and check out
The very 1st moment i saw her i was like.. "Wat the..Mushroom head??"
Paiseh ah WMBut the worst thing is that she tot im a chindian.. ZZZ
Lets go deeper into her..She is some sort of friendly girl
She can get along easily with anyone..Which is very good..
But girl..Being friendly also must have a limitation..
Besides that she is damn good in gossiping..When comes to the gossip session she will be the most outstanding 1..Always asked me to teach her how to do her homework..
Should say always asked me to do her homework instead..haha
Wanming also belongs to the electric family..
She is very good in electric-ing boys..hahaMost of the guys will fall for her.. Including me ;xFall for her once.. But then after that feeling gone =xSo didnt confess or court her..
haha Lucky me!! Joking
I think we should invent an anti-electric glasses or lenses for her..haha
Last time she used to make me feel that she is relying on me..
But then now.. Im glad that she is independent..She had grown up.. From a baby girl to an auntie..LOL
Nowadays summore talk theories to me..D
ont become granny can ad ;D
Hmm for me she is a really good girl..she care for me too..
Whenever i got bullied by others(by throwing tones of work to me and usually i will help them out)she will tell others not to burden me..
She gave me lots of useful and meaningful advise that had changed my life too..
And from her i get to understand girls better..
She willingly lend me her hands whenever i need her..
She brighten my life when i felt darkness..
Im really proud to have such a kind, caring, loving
and pretty friend like her..
I wondering what am i now without you and km..
What both of you did and said really helpful..Regret of having you as a friend of mine?? NO WAY!! I really feel grateful ;DLoves ya auntie WanMin x33

KM wrote this~
wm-a gal which i like to call her ang dau beng..haha..
he is such a boyish gal n sumtimes palia 2.XD....
but thts beside the point.haha.
she gave me alot of advice n pull me up ev time im in trouble..
i sincerly appreciate wat she did to me bcos without her advice i dun thk i can ever notice tht i m not a perfect man..haha..
wan min i want to tel u tht we will remains as best fren till the day u die..haha...
u die 1st...=.=. s
eriously, if u let me choose btw u n other leng lui,
i will stl choose u as my love advisor bcos u r boyish..haha..