Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recent Life~

Back to blogging...dun really have special things to share..
i guess i will juz mention about my life recently..
As liching wish..i took part in the competition my college held without my parents permission..
and it started its tiring+hectic training evryday from 7pm tp 12am..
even tis week i cant get to go home coz of the training..
besides that...i also havin continuos test starting tis week..
Sometime i do wonder..wats the purpose of taking part in this and getting all
my things mess up and hardly cope with my study..but..
i decided..once i taken matter how hard is it..i will continue..
i wont give up even thou i do feel reluctant to go for training...
tomorrow is my psycho test..haven touch my book yet..
tonight is the champion league..still hesitating whether i should watch anot..
maybe i should if i manage to finish my psycho syllabus...
no yumcha session for tis week..not goin home..don miss me evryone~