Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photos of Orientation Nite~

Picture of Orientation nite~
let start from the bottom..sorry for the inconvenience~aha..
ending~picture of all the participants and commitee..

Miss Photogenic..dun really noe why i get this..lol

the waltz kissing scene..looks real huh~doesnt touch the lips..


waltz catwalk...pose

waltz...CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE..dun know what the photographer doin..
dun really hav much photo of this part..

Mr.Andrew Fong talent show..

so serious~

my talent...lol..CRAP...

i guess this is how i luk when i forgot my lyrics..


show girl and magician~

deng deng deng deng!

role play catwalk..show girl..

beachwear group pose..

chik chak~

beachwear ~

preview part~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

finally..its OVER..

After one month of the training.... orientation night Frenzy Of Fabulosity 09 finally come to an end yesterday night.. everyone was so nervous for the first cat walk preview..but after that evryone seems to enjoy the stage... the crowd shouting n screaming to show support..oh gosh. didnt regret joining this event..its all worth it.. beside my talent part that i failed to accomplish it..haha... other than that...im satisfied..kinda sad no more sharing all those torturing on the wall moment with all the participants.. where we all complaining how cruel n bad is our trainer... but i guess its all worth it at that moment... ecspecially the dancing part while we are dancing waltz.. n the ending part with the kissing scene..its wonderful..aha here are some pic from the orientation night... will upload more when i get the pic from the cameraman..

Adelyn n Khye Liang~F5,M5
Iverine n Struck~F4,M4

Emilia n Vern~F3,M3

Kang Min n Sharmen~F2,M2

Syarmini n Patrick~F1.M1

Mr.Andrew with his lan c pose

i look weird in this pic~

preview pose~opening curtain..

one of the couple pose..F6,M6.

lol...bad angle..

the miss inti of the ore night 09 in blue~Adelyn..
Mr.Inti n one ur trainer Cyprian..

the audience freek me ..ahaha


our favourite trainer~Cyprian..

all the participants...

serious one before we go for our first catwalk preview..

poses for preview before the curtain open..nervous..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wats the purpose?

The orientation night is nearer n nearer..
honestly..i started to fed up for this whole thing..
started to think back the purpose why i entering this.
i dont really give a damn about this..its messing up my work,study,fun..
mess up my life..FIY..im currently taking SAM..
its a damn busy programme..n i dun really realise
how this ore thing affect my study at first..
coz i tink i can handle it well..but after sometime..
i figure out that theres not only believe that we needed to overcome all these..
we also need CAPABILITY...endless test n assignment..the exam is on august..
who know tats how important SAM is to me?
there is no way for me to fail it n even retake it..
i really want him to know that what am i goin through everyday..
i got things full stuck in my head..i need to think of the insufficient time
that i can space out for my study..
juz hope someone can understand my feeling better..comfort me while i face difficulties..
without doin anything but juz letting me feel tension and pressure all the way..
can u imagine after 8 hours of class i still have to attend the training and stuck all the
whatever pose in my head..im trying my best to fit in all these..im trying my very best
to involve in these although i dun really care...cant u just undstd a little bit..
n stop ur egoism that really irritate me..no point saying sorry after pissing me off..
now..all i care about is my study..i really hope tis thing can over as soon as possible..
after all the complaints..we will c the bright sides of the training session..
relationship among the participants are getting better n better..
we get tortured standing on the wall lifting our leg 90degrees together...
get scolded n criticise together...i even made all of get punish coz of my mistake but
they juz dun mind..i love all of them..thx for sharing all the blissful moments with me..
n also the new trainer Cyprian..i think he is the best among all of them...peace..
gambateh..its all depend on myself..no point relying on others..
n for the DAMN MAGICIAN pose...i will figure it out myself

Friday, June 5, 2009

im home~^^

Im finally home..have been away from home for two weeks..
glad to be home..
getting home sick few days ago..actually miss my brother..
coz i got alot of secret that i cant wait to share with him~winks~..
since he is havin his holiday i guess i will spend sometime slacking with him..
this week is hectic..but...
i guess next week will become worse..
due to the assignment and test that are waiting for us
...wooots...(copied from kevin)
u always teach me weird n bad words lar...
u ask me not to use 'diu'..but suggested me to use
fuck n sucks...wats the difference???ish...
so..recently liching and km are discussing this topic..
whether is it time for me to attached to somebody...im hesitating also..feeling weird im actually posting my relationship status things
and feeling in my blog..needed comment..
im actually kinda reluctant to start a relationship
at the moment unless the someone really give me the confident or i really
do had a huge crush on him..
i guess im waiting for that moment to come..
theres juz too much thing bothering me..
and too many playing in my mind..
i juz cant stop hesitating n wondering..
what i want is too much and i guess its overlimit...
i dun really noe which step should i take..settle down or continue wondering
for uncertain one...hmm...this really disturb my mind..
Seems like almost evry post in her blog i can c my name..
she really miss me that much...haha..
always say those kind of words as if we are couple..haha..
eh later ppl misunderstood how??haha..
we have been friends for 3 years n more i think..
u really do know me well....n we are those same kind and type of ppl..
others juz cant und wat my mind is thinking n playin..
sometimes u really say things that straight to the point and
u easily get what am i tryin to express..even i didnt mention..
i juz dun get it why u can analyse the problem so EFFICIENTLY..
sometime i wonder..eh..u spy me or u got six sense?

Monday, June 1, 2009

tiring day for me~

its an absolutely tiring day for me..
although i only having four hours of class..
but its mentally n physically torturing...
i forgot to bring my room key out n i actually went to the office and ask wher
my roomate classroom was to get the key from her..
n then now i hav to walk back to hostel n take my key n walk back again to
her classroom n gif her back the key...GREAT..
i usually hav a mindset that im tough and i can accept challenges easily n will never gif up..
few days ago things proven that im wrong..
I was attached with a new partner few days ago after my old partner an Irania left coz of
some personal reason...for certain reason,i juz dun click with him..dun ask me why..
i dont hav the answer for it..we were practising Waltz and all my fren knew im not a good dancer..i can hardly dance..so i easily miss out steps n cant remember them either..
plus my partner attitude..he look so moody n show me those faces..
make me more piss of..the other pairs already done evrythin,
we kena screwed from the trainer also..commenting us..
suddenly i juz broke off n ran to the toilet..i actually sit in the toilet n
cried for 15mins..n then cry like hell after my fren come over n comfort me..
at that moment..i juz cant accept my self with such failure..
liching said i took it too seriously...maybe...i guess im not tat tough afterall..
but no giving up also..i will continue to go through whatever that come..
im having exam the following weeks...n assignment due date is near..
i wish im able to cope with all these myself....
n for u guys info...the committee change a partner again for me..aha..
coz i did complaint about my new partner..lol...im troublesome huh..
i get a new one AGAIN...will post photos of photoshooting session on sunday..
due of lazieness..will juz post few first.. beachwear photoshooting..my new n current partner~

andrew n mii~

self loving guy~

few of us~

to be continue~~~~~~~~~~~