Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eveything comes to an end..

After all those struggles and endless hesitating thoughts,
i made a decision to end everything..
Im back to the life where i used to be..
Maybe im not someone that is suitable to attached with..
im stubborn?haha..maybe..
im suspicious?haha...maybe too..
but now i knew that..there will be no more
waiting..waiting for phone calls,waiting for msg reply..waiting for that someone
whenever any question was ask..waiting for him to hesitate and gave me an answer dun know..
There's no need for me to face these anymore..
As i said, i can love and let go at the same time..
I will walk off with a brilliant smile if you are not worth for me to hold on..
Maybe both of us did do wrong in this relationship..
but it is not important anymore..Im officially single now..
although i will feel sad of losing someone that is important to me..
someone that i had felt so in love before..but...im ready to face the break-up..
Thanks for every blissful moment,dissapointed
and frustrated moment that u hav shared with me..
I will keep it as a part of my memory..i hope this time i can end it in a good way..
Hope u found someone that u are willing to change for her and hopefully she is not tat stubborn as me~LOL...PEACE~

P/S:Thanks to all my friends that always be with me ~ecspecially ee fuan..
ee fan ar ee fan..i hav been so relying on u no matter in study or others..
how if u get JPA scholarship suddenly n left me here..omg..i cant imagine that...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Nite~

Ytday went to the Installation night organised by Intima the student government
of my college located at Pan Pacific Hotel..
basically it is a night where they will present award for those best best wateva award to society,clubs and chairperson..
I was persuade by the Social Board committee to attend the event..actually
feel reluctant to go coz of the shortage of outfit coz i didnt go home
tis week so i didnt have any dress with me..but..they asked me to repeat the dress i wore
to MOS..so....no choice..thanks to liching..its an useful outfit..haha
The buffet of the night was...==..no comment...i didnt eat alot..
And then the committee actually planned to go MOS after the dinner..
But then..my friend Adelyn has another plan to Poppy..
i never went ther before.
my cousin suggested that place to me many times..
and so.i followed adelyn n her friends
to Poppy..its a club which required 21 years old for entrance..but i dun know
how they manage to get all of us in..so..there's flew away my Rm100..
the music there was superb compare to MOS..but the dance floor is small..
n coz its saturday..it was crowded with people..Adelyn was drunk..
and guess wat she did,she climb up the stage n dance..==..swt..
and i was pushed to do the same thing also...n then...half way dancing..
my classmate,evaline saw me...she called me n definitely i pulled her up also..
oh gosh..she is a great dancer with that outfit..woooottssss...
didnt manage to take photo inside coz..im kinda blur n dizzy..
as i cant even walk properly...haha
busying with other stuff....lol...after that..end at 3something..n coz they
knew there wil be road block so we waited in the mamak until 4something..
i fall asleep there with adelyn..enjoyed myself..
but now rushing my assignment like shit..n still feeling dizzy and stomache full of alcohol..
but not food...

installation night~iverine,me n adelyn

stephy n mii
iverine~mii~khye liang

kah yong(hope i got it right)..me n adam

adelyn was drunk~haha
wendy the birthday gal with issac

isaac n adelyn


spotted this pic with me inside...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A disasterous week

this is a most awful week i had ever gone through~
i came back to college on monday..n i sitted at the dinning hall from 2 something to 7 and then
had my dinner..continue again from 9pm to 1am to rush my psycho assignment..
n then two sets of it i complete in one day..hohohoho..im proud of myself man..
after that its tuesday..i got class from 8am to 8pm..which is total of 10 hours of class minus the break time!!!what a miracle thing that i still alive..n then after that..back to room..continue my preparation of my presentation for moral study untill 1am...
today..luckily my class ended at 12pm..had a time out to play pool with my classmates after class
and after that had a short nap..n was dragged to cheras pasar malam by ee fuan and tom..
reached college by 10pm and started my preparation for psycho presentation
until 2something..great!!!!n then my damn account test are goin to be held
on FRIDAY!!what a great week..sorry for not goin back home...
sorry to my beloved SIAO PO MONA..its ur birthday i noe..
n i ffk u ...suppose to do cupcakes with you but..i guess..i cant make it..
will replace it for you k..i promised

Friday, July 10, 2009

Outing to MOS~

Ytday half of Social Board commitee and participants of Ore nite
went to MOS for the celebration of the successful O'nite...
Most of the gals are drunk..except me of course..
We enjoyed ourself there...I hav been looking forward to go
to MOS for ages..but dun wronged me,im not a frequent clubber..
juz heard from many claimed that MOS was a nice place..
overall i tink its so so..i like the dance floor alot...but...
ytday the music is kinda...erm...out of channel?how to describe that?
not really sure about it..anyway..all those drunk gals are really terrible n scary..
they kept talking nonsense and cant even walk properly..gosh..
n then when the OC,Kelvin was leading me through the dance floor to search
for my friends,suddenly i feel someone pinch my butt..i was like
WHAT THE FUCK...but for sure i dun know who's tat bastard..lol..
cant do anything about tat...anyway..still Enjoyed..
here are some random pic that we took~
group of drunk ass~


alvin~me~lee(he is DRUNK)

Dixon our driver n mii~


Adelyn~Cyprian~Khye Liang n forgot his name~soorryy~

Alvin n mii~

mi~Kelvin~n the two usher


chik chak~

Stephy n mii~



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stress free~~

Facing kinda lot of problems this few days.. tried to remain calm n steady... I used to hide myself from problem n refuse to face it. im tryin to avoid that...as i noe..running away from problems wont solve and help...as kevan always tell me..FACE IT...xd.. The schoolwork is pouring as usual... So much to complete but insufficient time .. oh gosh..wish i have more time before the Final exam on August.. Tryin to stay stress free to prevent myself from being insanse... pretending to enjoy my busy and imperfect life... Juz need care and support ~~...alotsss..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donation Blood for the very first time~

I went for blood donation for the first time of my life...
At first i was really excited of this whole thing...
But when i lay down on the bed,i start to REGRET...
i saw the needle,the packets of blood..OMG..
i was like...==...n then...i cant run away halfway for sure..
so i juz close my eye n let the nurse do their works..
she check on my blood pressure make sure its okay..n then..
she inject the needle into my arm...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....
although its not tat painful..but..i nearly cried..coz..
the thing i fear most was injection...
my left hand feel as if it was punch by somebody and kinda pain..
lol..anyway..enjoy the first time and glad tat i did it..
u dun hav to be a doctor to save people life..isnt tat great?

my 350ml packet of BLOOD~