Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Recently few friends of mine left to further their study at overseas..
First is Tom..we used to be quite close and always hang out together...
I still remembered the Cheras Pasar Malam right hand search..hahaha...
and all the sad and blissful moment we went through together..
Ah Duai, wish you all the best and dun forget us at UK..

Another one is a fren i knew from Ee keat, Jing Hao..
haiya..he left this morning also..
kinda sad when i received his msg this morning..
he is goin to further his study there for four years...wah~~
i still remembered the time when i was in my first sem at inti..
we went to watch football match together,and watch movie at midvalley,
dinner together,and nevertheless,swimming together..
and also see him emo when his beloved club Arsenal lost the match..hahahaha
hmm..although we just knew each other for few months..
but i knew tat u are such a nice guy..yea..so...wish u all the best at UK..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Genting trip~

Its been months since i last went genting..
the last time i went was with my high school mates..last december..
stuff with bitter and sweets memories ~
due to the boredness of holiday, my mum suggest to go genting last minute.
she booked the hotel on friday for sat night ~
( dun really hav the idea of writing this post )
anyway..jus ignore..i will just briefly blog about story that happen..
as ee fuan are kinda desperate to go club..
hmm..so..i decided to go the only disco in genting
which is SAFARI with her..
two of us went in and sit ther..
on a very obvious round table and ordered two glasses of cocktail..
and after a while.few guys came near our table
i know wats goin to happen so i quickly call someone
and on phone...they two walk off and a waiter came over and said..
ther are few guys ther offer we two to accompany them as they didnt bring their gf,
and wateva we order they will pay for us..i was like wtf..
im not PR..so i said pls tell them NO THANKS..
there goest the story..we finished our cocktail and i ordered another two glasses..
just when the cocktail was served..
i saw my parents walked in..i was like ==..
coz..i told ee fuan earlier..aiya..they wont come in here and wont so 'lucky' met them..
mana tahu ini yang berlaku..
so we left our drinks and ran off..and i called my mum outside and asked..
where u guys..and said i go find u..
and pretend nothing happen and walked into safari again..wtf...
and i sitted at another table with my parents and watching my undrink cocktail on the other table but i cant do anything..and the waiter looked at me and i just waved my hand
and said no..so he cleaned the table and took my cocktail!!nice one!ish..
so my dad treated us coke with wine..nice mixture~
i dragged ee fuan to the dance floor..but my dad was behind us..
so its kinda awkard..the music is superb but i cant really dance as much as i likes..
hahaha..and then...we left the disco and headed off to the loundge at first world plaze..
thanks to the wine offered by my dad..i was abit dizzy that night..
anyway..we enjoyed the night overrall..
cut the craps..let the pic do the talking~

freezing at outdoor theme park~

~ more photo..please check out at my facebook...lazie to upload in blogspot~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

its thursday~

its thursday..but im in the common room doin my work..
hees...a round of applause for me..hahaha...
ee fuan said, do something more beneficial than go club..
the more u club, the more hollow and lonely u feel..
and u know ur intention is not to club..
but just to cover up ur loneliness and sadness when u are alone..
the moment u wake up in the morning..
after all those loud music banging through ur ears and alcohol
make ur head go dizzy and round and round..wat u actually get..
satisfaction?hmm...ok lar..im actually asking myself..and
tryin to find some excuses for myself not to go club..
and not to skip class...==
recently a shoe shop open near my college..
and we all go crazy over that..
its sell all type of shoe which can be seen in magazine...
and its cheaper than shops at malls..
i bought two pair of shoes in two weeks..great..
recently me, ee fan and rebecca were delighted over our new pair of shoe..

i find it hard to figure out what myself thinking..
or i did really know..but im just ignoring it..and keep it in my unconcious mind..
works are alot awaiting for me..but im still reluctant to start on it..
not till last minute when the due date is just the next day..
liching told me that her trial is really hard and ask me to study seriously..
frankly,this do freeks me..im wondering how long i need to really focus on
my study..heess..i dun know..asap wil be better right..LOL
next week will be plenty of assignment due date,presentation and endless test...
here goes my usual life again..
so friends..nid cares and support..but not troubles and problems..
tat makes me tension and hell no pressure me with unnecessary things...thanks alot...

P/S: dun cry when face problem or things happen to stress u kay..coz its not wat u should do..and its not ur style..cry cry cry..cry wat?wtf~