Thursday, October 29, 2009

study , eat , sleepy ,play!

The last week left till SAM public exam..
got most of my trial result..
not satisfy enough..
i felt the pressure deep inside my heart core..
i hope i could shout it out loud..
or cry all my moodiness away..
but i choose not to do that and keep it to myself
recently, i lost the aim that im searching for...
i doubt myself at this moment..
i doubt my capability of achieving what i want..
but i duwan it to happen..
i hope someone can pull me out from these..
but..i wish i can do it myself..
coz i duwan to rely on others..
as wat i always said, no one can stay beside u forever..
Count it on urself..=)

Friday, October 23, 2009

its thursday night again!
this and ee fan went MOS with Bryan and his friends..
thanks to the driver who is a gal tat fetched us there..
so ..there goes the night..
Mona and Terence went also..and we
bumped into CHRISTINE ther!
what a coincidence..but she said she was MOS regular 'customer'..
had lotsa fun there coz i really like the dance floor..
due to the light effect and the crowd..u cant really
c each other can dance however and wateva u like!
and the music yesterday was still acceptable...
so..overrall..we did have fun and enjoyed!
but too bad mona left quite early at 1am coz she got class the other day..
didnt get to take pic with her ..
and her so CHUN outfit!

Bryan and mii~

3 of us~

me and Ernest~(hope i get it right)

chik chak~



Thursday, October 22, 2009


after the disastrous trial..i really enjoyed myself to the max la..
hmm..not to say having fun in a relaxing mode
for these few days...which i tink evryone is doin exactly the same thing like me..
i slept at 4 or 5am evryday and woke up at noon ...
i spend evryday of mine..slping,eating,watching drama and nevertheless
crapping with ee fan and jay jay..
i broke the record of my life by sleeping at 4am and woke up at 3.30pm!
oh such a PIG..haha..but..according to the psycho textbook..
sleep debt is not easily covered up by one night..
so due to the sleep debt tat i had accumulated last week..
its not a bad thing for me to sleep as much and as long as i want for tis week..=)
oh ya..and..i went to kajang for satay and cheras jusco for the movie- Surrogates
with kevin and his last..i'm inked ~LOL..shhh...

Friday, October 16, 2009

last sleepless night for tis month!

slept at 6am and woke up at 8.10am..
last paper - legal study!
luckily jing hao woke me up..thanks lar..
omg..if not..die liao..same like my classmate, jj came for exam at 10.30am..
luckily the examiner allowed him to seat for the test..if not..takda mata tengok..
im in a super duper good mood although final exam is only two weeks away// leasssssssssst can get some rest after this tired and disastrous week..
ytday me,ee fan and jj ~three of us study like zombie at the AO common room..
stress till an extend so we start to do nonsense and talk craps..
playing AEIOU in the middle of the hostel street during the time we walked
back from u love love love..LOL

Thursday, October 15, 2009

third sleepless night~

slept at 5 something economy test is at 8.30am today..
coz the venue is quite near to my hostel..
i actually planned to wake up at 7.30am..
end up i snoozed my alarm till 8.10am..and then i realised its late!
so i woke up and simply pick any clothes and rush to the venue..
glad i finally finished econ test..the thinking really kill my brain cell!
same thing happened, this time..same with last few times..
i will just stand aside kay..high arousal level.better dun disturb
at the moment..whateva u guys want to do.,just go ahead..
just pretend that im invisible..and dun ask me any opinion about
wateva u guys had did..thanks~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

second sleepless night~

its 5.04am...and i still haven complete my revision..
still got one last chapter to cover for my psychology..
although tis subject is far more interesting than the others..
but..sometimes..all the psychologist who created all those
psychoanalysis theory..really....they got NTH ELSE TO DO IS IT??
omg..why some of it sounds so bullshit...and not relevant..
cant understand what they are thinking..
no wonder all of them are abnormal..especially Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud..wth..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1st sleepless night~

having my account test soon in less than half an hour..
slept at 5 something yesterday..didnt really cover all the syllabus..
just hope for a C la..nth else more..
u guys noe how much i hate ACCOUNT!
lol..woke up at 7.30am just now..
feel like fainting..hahahaha...
hav to get use of sleepless night for few more days..
jia you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Weekend =)