Thursday, November 26, 2009


Last outing for lifeless SAM students..
we were plannin for a movie at KL since afternoon..
we waited for the rent car from a China guy from
4pm t0 10pm as we dun hav other choices..and finally we get the f*king car..
we reached Pavillion around 11something and we actually
get the ticket for Twilight Saga..NEW MOON..
been looking forward for this movie for ages..
finally it was released..and...
the movie showed for 2 hours and it happen to be quite dull.
coz..its abit draggy due to the story line..
Story of the day began~
when i parked the car at the car park..i actually scratch the side of the car accidentally..
but its not obvious..
when my fren, Lee went to return the car...
the Damn China guy ask for payment for the damage of the front side of the car!
i was like..???WTF..front side??im not the one who did that!
He insisted us to pay as Lee student ID was with him..
so Lee agreed to pay..coz..he duwan any trouble..
im like..the one who driving..and the one to blame..
so..i really...f*king hate driving...
and ...Beware Inti Student!
dun rent car from those useless asshole...sorry to say that.. really he said that,
he knew that i just bang the car moment ago by just touching it!
is he god??wtf? speechless!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Road Trip

Should i named it a road trip or should i named it
an outing with a bunch of lifeless people.. i've said..our exam are done..
and after the Malaysian study presentation ytday..
we decided to go to somewher...
somewher as long as its not at Nilai!
so..coz of the amount of people..we rented two Myvi..
and..i hav no choices but to drive one of the car..
FYI, this was the very first time i happen to drive on the highway..
so..was kinda freak out....
at first, we went to Seremban Jusco and watched the movie A Christmas Carol..
I nearly fall alsp in the the movie was quite dull..
The ending was expected..but..still my coursemate enjoyed the show..
After that we headed to Seremban Station One..
and then..back to send Rebecca and Jayei back..
and returned one of the car..due to the remaining petrol
of the car i drove, we decided to go around without purpose..
so..i drove to Sunway..just to have supper..
and then..when we were heading back using MEX highway,
which was a very damn long road..the petrol signal start to blink..
we were like OMFG..we start to panic as there were possibilities
the car might stop halfway..and the worst was
we missed a petrol station!
Luckily, we managed to reach Nilai petrol station and pump enough oil
and lastly reached Inti safely...hiek hiek..thanks to the driver which was me..
but seriously..i hate driving..its tiring!!
so...anyone willing to be my driver??
I will sincerely appreciate it!hahaha


Seremban station one~LOL

end~no club for the following days ..coz..heading home this thursday...
and..also no more club until next year...==

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Its been days since my exam so lifeless..
i have nth to fact no book to study..
due to the blog was deserted for a while..
i dun really hav idea of writing post..
should say im lazie to think of idea for my post..
spend my time hanging out with my peeps this few days..
went for yumcha session and also singing ..
actually kinda reluctant to go out
as i prefer to lay on my bed or just stay at home n do nth.=)
I figured out something just now..
although its nth big deal, but it gave a great impact to me.
cant really describe my feeling...
i shouldnt hav feel so .. dissapointed and sad..
i seriously dunno why...i always thought that its not important for me
as i already thought of the possiblities it may happen..
but i never knew it hurt so much..
anyway..i still take u as fren..the Unusual one..=)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Outing at Sunway~

Finished my fourth paper Psychology on wednesday..due to the three weeks
of tortured time without having fun...its time to hang out for party!
its a sad case when we actually went to club at wedenesday..
hahaha..coz the whole MOS was so empty..but still we have fun ~
thanks to Tim and Matt who drove us there..and they were not allowed to drunk..
and thanks to my classmate - Lee too! for being an amusement for all of us.
for getting drunk like shit and lie on the floor and road and embarassed
all of us..not the first time dude!dun repeat the same mistake ..

On thursday..we followed the original plan to sunway piramid and klang
for the very-delicious bah kut teh with jj,eefan and of course Timothy who drove..
i guess they were satisfied with the food..i sincerely hope so..=)
we went skating at sunway and do a lil bit of shopping..
and went to MOS again with my cousin..miss him so much..haven seen him for ages..
evryday busy studyin..glad to hav the chance to hav fun with him..
thanks him alot for fetching us back to nilai after club..
back to hostel and slp like dead corpse for to start preparing for
my last more fooling around!

Wednesday parttyyy....
ee fan and mii~

eva and me~


gosh..eva..wat an expression...==


nah..the fucking drunk lee with me and Eva~

3 of us~

Thursday partttyyy
my cousin's fren~

eefan and mii~

my cute cousin and mii~

3 of us~


the end~

off for next weekkkk...goin home!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

U know who u are =)

Im sorry u feel that way, but first things first, this isnt an apology.
Im not saying that i did it and im not saying that i didnt,
but i'll let u think it over. im not angry with you, im just dissapointed.
Sincerely, i took u as my friend..and seriously im really dissapointed
with your attitude and the way u act in front of me.
Its okay for you to feel hurt and tell evryone about it,
but u hav to always remember that u are not the only person who feels that way.
and it is not okay for you to project ur hurt on other people,
just for the sake of getting sympathy.
What u think might not be true, so think properly before you say anyting
and lose anymore friends.
Anyway, whatever it is, its ur choice.
just make sure its the right one.
However, i want to make it clear that i dont really care about the outcome..
Thanks for accompanying me for the period when we are still friends.
ps: If you think that im talking about you, then its you.if you dont think so, kindly ignore this post.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Just finish my legal paper..and felt relieved ..
the burden is waived off !
as i've mention in the previous post,
law is the subject that i know least about it..
and thanks god my last minute study got its effectiveness..
and thanks for all the blessing guys!
it really work..hahaha..the paper is not tat hard that i thought it was..
i still manage to answer most of the question..
due to the time lack, i forgot to post about the movie that i've watched recently..
went to sunway piramid on wednesday with ee fan and driver adam who fetched us..haha
after the show, Jennifer's really freaked out by Megan Fox..
cant denied that she is pretty..but she is pretty and scary at the same time in the show..
so..kinda regret i paid money to scare myself...==

Thursday, November 5, 2009

legal study !

I hav been studying the damn law for these few days..
hav to admit that..
from the beginning of the course..
i never flip through law textbook..NEVER..
the class that i skipped the most is LAW..
and nevertheless, i know the least about what the lecturer had taught..
or should i said,he didnt really taught something useful?hmmm..
i cant examine that as wat i've said, i skipped most of his class..
coz most of the class are at 8am in the morning!
cant blame me for that..i always overslept..LOL..
so..imagine having exam on friday..
and i started to flip through my book from the very first page..
and start to study like hell!
now all my brain is stuff with all kinds of law,regulations,wateva justice system..
i finished four out of five topic and still left the last topic to go!
which is the damn family law..and seriously,
i didnt really attend the classes for this topic..hav to rely on my common sense..LOL..
but thennnn...i discovered the fun part of studyin this boring
subject..cant really said it out..
sigh...exam at 7am on friday..hope i can cover evrything in the textbook..
god bless me!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SAM public exam*

SAM public exam officially start tomorrow..
The time flew so fast..i still remember the time i first reached Inti..
And actually requested for the course A-level but changed my mind
due to the time consumed..choosed SAM and decided to rush for it!
and tats it..after 8months of study, its time for the so called PUBLIC EXAM..
tis remind me the time when i seat for SPM..
wats differ now is the people around me..
I wish i had a chance to study and seat for exam with my ex high school mates again..
reminded me the time when we had lunch together after our paper..
craps and shout stress for exam..actually having fun at the same time..
the innoncence and simple life we had before..
i will never forget it..although its been months since we apart..
but what we always said to each other, old one is still the best..hahaha
lol..k la..wish me luck for my exam so damn nervous..
hope i can score for my english paper tomorrow..
heess....jia you!!