Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Inti =(

I checked out from my very-perfect air cond room at C Block today.
Moved evrything out which made me exhausted by running up and down
the 3 level of staircase for 4 f*king times.
Finally settle down all my stuff in my room.
and it look like a store room right now.
Anyway, i was inspired by JJ to write this post about my life in Inti.
He uses the harsh way(by crossing ppl face).haha..but
i will roughly note down the thing that i've been through at Inti
As a perfect ending of 8months being an Intian.
I still remember the first semester at Inti.
I was a week late for my course,CSAM.
But luckily, all my classmates are kinda nice.

our very first group photo during our very first semester for our first
Account Presentation =)

The day we celebrated Rebecca birthday with Vywa and Mr.Yee, our economics lecturer.

Took during Legal class.

Account lecturer- Miss Natasya
She talked and crap with us about evrything from mens,relationship,clothes,
to facebook!

We spent most our time lepaki-ing at Common room.

Hell serious face when looking through econ notes at C block common room.

Miss the time when we still have Diana with us for our very first sem.

Miss Ah Duai with his right hand search.
Waiting for u to come back so that we can continue.=)

our econ lecturer gay-ing with SanJian.Yiew!!

the time when we have our very last outing to Seremban Jusco after our Malaysian Study peresentation.

A group photo with the january intake Sammies with our Econ lecturer.

Joshua Jason Jason Ng- My beloved classmate aka the best law student ever.=)

At the administration hall for group photo for all the Sammies.

At Ktm-Outing to S.Wang after our trial exam.Still remember i had a really bad week.

the time when we both are stil innocence.=)hahaha

Oh ya, and the time i participated in the Orientation night may 09.
Gone throught all those sad and blissful moment with the other participants which
enrich my life experience which i had never
had before in my life.Hope the next o'nite will be a blast!

The time we attended Installation night at Pan Pacific Hotel.

With our Legal study lecturer.Mr Kamarudin.
Who will actually come to college no matter what time or date the student
requested for extra classes.

My very first presentation for Law.

Miss the time when we were studyin our ass off in the common room
for trial exam.and JJ even overslept and late for one and a half hour for
the law exam!

The present we bought for JJ for his 18th birthday.
All about his wishes to become a successful lawyer.
u will get it!=)

my very last presentation at Inti-

Pic with our Malaysian study lecturer-Mr Raymond Lee

And the very last day where we gathered together
at common room for our malaysian study exam.
and i passed it!!

And thats it, the end of my intian life .

Goin off to Taiwan for 8days without internet..take care evryone.will update as soon as im available.=)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Every year before christmas, we used to go for caroling with all
the church members
and my mum side of relatives.
Same goes for this year, today is the very last day of caroling for
I've been very tired after
a whole sickening day at the very crowded Mid-valley,
but since my mum insisted, i hav to drive them for caroling =(
Here are some random pic that i took ~

hoho... Caught me Eeeeeee-ating!

Me and Vivian with a giant christmas tree ~

us =)

a group photo without me ..

a huge dog with a huge house..damn,he is so ho mia(lucky)..
the owner even installed a light for the dog inside his house.==

To Dear whoever u are,

I hav to say that i've been missing u =(
maybe i should not think of things that is not possible to happen.
coz they will never belong to me.
pls make me stay . i duwan to leave u .
or maybe i should?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ain't want to =(

Expected or predicted ending.
Im leaving Inti..
The school that my fren hate so much..
but yet im so sad about the fact that im leaving.
Sad because of the place i used to enjoy with my friends.
Sad that i might never get the chance,
to meet my crushes again (aha).
to see the blinking stars at the bkb court.
to talk craps and sisha at Bistro or Al-Salam.
to bitch about other ppl with JJ and Eefuan.
to make others our amusement for entertainment sake.
to wake up at 7.45am when the class is at 8am.
to walk from the hostel to the academic block with my eefan.
and walk back again from the academic block to hostel.
to nap for hours after class and overslept in my perfect aircond room.
to listen to the perfect australian mix british slang from JJ.
to rent a car and do lifeless thing by driving up to sunway at 4am in the morning.
to club at Kl or sunway =(
from next year onwards, i will be all by myself.
eefan will not be able to be my bodyguard anymore.
she will not be scolding me for getting drunk in club..
or actually stop me from getting drunk.
and she will not appear to be my hero
to prevent me from being kidnap.
or to make sure im safe evrytime we go club together
coz she never get drunk.she need to take good care of me.
this burden..==
and most of all..i might not get the chance to club with her anymore.
At last..my very last reason im reluctant to leave Inti.
i love u guys.im not sure whether i can be independent without u guys.
god...i hate the feeling of leaving!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Its been ages since i had an official outing with my ex-high schoolmates..
which is the siao po gang..Joenna,Mona and Juhyen..
so we went S.wang together just for the sake of having fun.
too bad ANGEL TAN cant make it..but tat was something expected
as she always ffk us...
So thanks to Joe who fetched us..
ur driving skill seriously improved compared to last time..
So we'll let the pic do the talking =)

4 of us in the carrrr..


my twin sister..haha

three sakai~

some big-head sticker that we took =)
and all the big-head sticker had mona big big face and head tat block all of us..
we actually plan to cut of her face but sigh..since we are
jimui..nvm la..we will just leave it,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Uncertainty =(

I have to say that..i hate uncertainties..
uncertain answer,uncertain result,uncertain problems or even uncertain decision..
but these filled up my recent life and bug me like evry single minute of my life.
I finished my last subject which is the Malaysian study as one of the Lan subject.
Hopefully i can pass it so that i dun hav to spend for the retake.
Sam result will be release very soon in two weeks time..
The question whether I am able to reach the criteria for the course i wanted to study
still remain a question mark in my head..
Those uncertainty feelings bothered me like hell..
Due to the expectation from the ppl around me.
I cant afford to fail to achieve the mark it required..
But still hav to wait for the result to release to decide whether
i can stay at Inti or leave..
Frankly speaking.
I really like Inti Nilai..
Although most of my fren wil think that its a ulu place la..
no entertainment la, no life here la..blah blah blah..
but then..
If u are not studyin here,
u will never get the chance to watch how beautiful is the moon when it turns to night.
when u look up to the sky while u walking along the hostel street,
blinking stars will be there to brighten ur night.
I enjoyed the moment when we walk to the academic block early in the morning,
listening to the bird chirping and breath in the fresh air
where u cant experience it if u usually travel to school and get stuck in the traffic
most of the time.
I also enjoyed the moment where we had supper at the mamak stall
near our college area and start to crap wateva shit that cames up to our mind.
And thats it, the so call campus life..
u can c ppls walking around like Zombie during exam period throughout the 24hours.
nevertheless, although many said inti is so dead..
but i never wanted to leave Inti.
i like this place that gave me the peaceful and simple life.
God pls help me reach the damn criteria or requirement.
i really want to stay..=(