Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY post.

Belated post

Well peeps, i noe its kinda late for me to post
about cny things for now.haha.
but i aint wan to miss sharing with my friends.
so, what hav i been doin the whole cny week.
well, have fun,have fun and have fun.
Its been the third years we celebrated cny together.
we refers to high school gang for sure.
as wat LeeVee had said, we dun really hav much friends but
we would love to stick to the old and particular one.
too bad LeeVee was sick during the few days of CNY.
we didnt really hang out as often as last year.
but still, we spent our precious time together.
and it was never bored facing my crazie bunch of close friends.
we are allowed to show *scary* true self of ours in front of them.
GOsh.only they know wats happening.haha.
we were always in the same channel and
it will never be a problem for them to get
our lame joke.LOL.
Appreciate all of my friends.
i dun know wat they are busying.
didnt really appear in our gathering.
and for my twin sister, LeeVee,
treasure me more la!
last but not least.Hope we are goin to celebrate evry cny
in the future together.=)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



This post was being copied from rebecca blog.
i got exactly the same feeling also.
Tiring of being single
yet keeping faith and holding on for the right guy.
giv us the motivation to say, single is not too bad.=)



我是值得被疼爱的孩子。嘿嘿 ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A secret thing.

A secret thing.

Well, obviously this is something secret.
And i have the right to protect my privacy.
So, pls dun ask me anything about this post.
am just expressing whats on my mind.
(kangaroo, i noe u sure will ask, but not this please.=(
and i promise i wil get over it very fast!)
I am not sure why am i posting this,
coz i aint sure about what is playin on my mind.
at the same time am confusing about things that
i dun know why the fuck come up upon my mind.
The rule of the game was set by myself.
Am always following it or should say tried my best to follow it.
but someone made me broke my own rule.
The game was short and sweet.
Feel so true but yet so sad.its like a movie
tat flashed in front of my eyes.
it was so fast like a dream and i cant get to catch and keep it.
or maybe it was just my illusion,
evrything that happen was just so called a game.
a game that i cant afford to lose.but yet am already a loser.
i dun know what to do to make myself feel better.
evry step that i take just make me fall in deeper and deeper.
anyway, someone wil be leavin.
out of sight, out of love.
Will try to get over it very soon.
There will never be a happy ending.\
And last but not least,
We will still be good friend.=)

PS: this post is not refering to any of my ex nor crush.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

its not the life i want.


Started class on monday, had a quite empty time table
if compare to SAM. there were only 15hours of class a week.
so, 4subjects that i had taken were Computer Application,
Econ,Business maths and also English.
All these sounds not so bad to me except the one i hate the most,
Maths.its been a year since i last
deal with those freaking numbers and equation
lol.anyway, i just need to pass it.tat wont be too hard.
talk about my life recently, well,
i will said tat it was rather lifeless.
maybe im stil new, life wasnt as happenin as it was when i was at inti.
well, hav to remind myself again, tat was very over .and its no longer a present tense.
okay.come back to my my housemates were quite free
as some of them were in their last sem,
i did follow them for movie, chiong k,and nevertheless, nice food.
hah.i noe wat u are thinking, tats pretty interesting right?
but seems like it was kinda hard for me to fit in laa.
coz.they were frens for so long ad.and suddenly me this alien
came and tats will be quite awkard right.
erm.i dunno about them thou, but i usually kept quiet throughout
the outing.i will open my mouth if they ask
im toooo used to my previous life!it will never come back and please
accept the new tryin hard dude.
but after a glimpse over my coursemates..*sigh*..
i guess just giv me moreee time kay.=)
and also.not to forget to talk about the distance
between my apartment to skul, its freaking far!
i hav to walk like 2km ?huh?perhaps to reach skul.
and the most important point, i usually walk aloneeeeeee..
wtf.and i hav to wait another freaking year to get a
in short, am actually regret i took this course to spend my time.
and the conclusion wil be, no matter what, i will still SURVIVE!
trust me!