Monday, March 22, 2010


What's the point in ever trying to be happy when the very pursuit of happiness is what makes u miserable?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mid term !

Its been centuries since i last blog about study study study and EXAM..
Gosh.just finished my first mid term exam in MMU.
Economics paper was okay although
the syllabus was slightly different from SAM
as it was Australia based.but due to
last minute study effect,it wasnt so bad afterall.
Well, basically im only havin two test which
were the Business maths and econ.
So, curious how i did for Maths?
AWM proudly present, IT WAS A TOTAL FAILURE.
Although evryone(my engineering based housmatesss) was telling me non-stop
that, Aiyah,very easy nia ma,blah blah blah...but
Since primary,my maths were never excellence.
Theres a saying claimed that we chinese had advantages in calculating.
Well, i seriously doubt that!
even in secondary, when im taking one of the scariest subject,addmtaths,
My dad even paid for private tutor to
make me PASS the dead subject
It was scientifically proved that
Me, a math idiot person have totally ZERO FATE with
a god damn subject named maths.
Or to be more particular , whatever thingy that are related to NUMBERS.
those freaking numbers from account,
physics,maths,addmaths and even CHEMISTRY,
can kill my active brain cell and made them into
dead neurons.
Harshly, i have to say that, i rather
read tons of words or freaking lots of books
than dealing with those freaking, confusing , and F*KING NUMBERS!!!!

Ps: yea right.even though i hate is so much.i hav to pass it also.sigh.wat to do.i dont want do get a low CGPA for my course although it is just a temporary one.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Weekend =)

Spent my oh-wat-a-blast weekend in Inti with my dearest EF
We had loads of fun although some of the time,
both of us just grow mold inside hostel room but
i was never bored with her company.
Well, evrything was so familiar to me,
the hostel street, EF's room, dinning hall,
blah blah blah and even bistro and Al-salam.haha

I reached nilai on wednesday.
and it was my first bloody time to take the ktm on my own!
WOOOTS! claps for me coz im still alive!
never wan to mention how awkard i was that day.
Im effing afraid that i might take up the wrong train.

So, never the less, clubbing!
Never thought that i would had the chance to club again with Timothy!
my best clubbing kaki ever!and also my dearest SEF!
At first, she was struggling whether
she should club or not,
but she failed to resist the temptation.haha
so, she studied the whole hell thursday afternoon for
a night at MOS!haha..salute her wei!
SEF actually came back at 4.30am in the morning and slpt at
and still made her way to 8.00am class!!
Round of applause please.*winks*
dear SEF, trust me,
u deserved the fun, dun always claimed urself to be too playful,
U are not a nerd ! and u will never be anymore!
Make a balance out of evrything!
And i club with Joanne for the very first time.
She is a potential out guys!haha

So, the next day, i spent the whole day to slp my ass off!
TIRED WEI!and spent the night till AM with Tim at Bistro.
craps and bitch about people and ourself while MISS SEF
was having her nice sleep in the damn freaking cold hostel!
I complaint and complaint but she seem to enjoy the temperature
(16 degrees celcius) very much.==
and didnt even bother to pity me who was
actually shivering throughout the night!
and i was kinda delightful when her aircond
was not functioning today.haha!

Here comes Saturday, had a date with Liching at Midvalley.
Reached there around 2something,and she suggested us to shop at Bangsar.
Great.the weather was frigging hot!and all the boutique at Bangsar are
located on 2nd floor.tiring enough for the climbing and walking!
but, hav to admit that the outfits they have was superb.
nice choice.three of us bought some outfits and hell yea,
the walking was not wasted, at least!
After that, we went to sunway piramid to had our dinner at bbq plaza.
We ate and enjoyed our day to the max.=)
and then, Mei Huan sent us back to nilai.
thanks alot to her!love ya!
Pic of the day.

The last but not least, Sunday.
Im so glad that before i leave,
I get to lunch with my long lost fren
before i starve to death!GRRhh..
Its been month since i last met him.
Stil the same, funny guy with funny act
that entertains me.
well, hope to see you soon.=)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh No!

I clicked back my recent post and discovered something,
omg, my english was so 'outdated'!
i mean it is becoming worse.
As i have not been practicising any writing for the
sake of good grammars as well as learning new vocabulary,
my english doesnt seem to hav the chance to improve itself.==
coz current school doesnt provide such opportunity.
Well, aint goin to let the lame thing happen,
so went over Popular to seek for 'nice' reading materials
or should say books ttat was acceptable by me.
my mom was so excited and she keep choosing
all those type of Fiction books like novels for me.
All those books was like 3045748098043 page with tiny bits of words.
OMG.who in the earth wil go and read such book and
make your own eye suffer and get short-sighted.okay.
No offence, i knw some ppl did.
im just telling myself,im shallow-minded.i noe.=(
okay, cut the craps,after an hour of browsing,
finally get two 'desired books' .
so my mum said, update ur blog with
educational,inspirational and useful post lahhh,
not those yumcha , dramatic and insulting type of post.==
Okay, so i decided to post about two books that i had bought,
after i finish it!
I me.=)
SHoot, back to my life,
My housemates were havin their damn sweet holiday at the moment,
i hav no other choice but to stay alone at this freaking place alone,
so i asked one of my coursemate to come and stay with me for few days.
Luckily she was willing to do so, thanks god.=)
And, am goin to nilai to see my beloved eefan and friends this wednesday most probably.
am very exciting about that.
so lets pray that A block guard
will not stop me from stayin in her room.
stay tuned for the next update.
Gudday!(quoted from my ex lecturer,Mr.Kamarudin,wonder where he have been?MIA!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who made me smile.

Came across this question via friend exposed on facebook.
It kinda annoyed me.
there the question goes,
Who can always make u smile,who made u laugh the hardest,
who can always make u laugh even when u are emo,etc..
The reason it annoyed me coz it remind me of
a friend of mine who was no longer exist in my life
whenever the question pop out.
well, he was once my very good fren,
we will never run out of topic when we get to talk,
we can always make each other laugh with the lamest joke ever,
i always tell myself,
appreciate this friend as u will never find someone like
him that can make u laugh so hard.
But due to some reason,
we were no longer friends anymore,
I do feel sad for the lost of this incredibly sweet fren,
but, it was the best for him.
Well, i hope for the best for him too.
Last but not least, take care.i will keep you
as a part of my sweetest memory ever.=)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Such A Mess.

Im a mess.
my mind is a mess.
my life is a mess.
my evrythin was so mess up,
i cant find any words to describe.
My life is so dramatic recently,
things that happened to me was a MESS too.
I dont know whats playin in my mind,
i am tryin to search for an answer,
I hope someone out ther have an answer for my question and mess,
Do i really deserve a mess like this?
can someone sort it out for me?
can someone come to me and tell me,
its okay,evrything is fine because u got me.
well, its another dreamy thingy i guess.
afterall, it was just me.only me.
i dun understand those people out ther,
since u already had someone with u,
why dont u appreciate what u have,
why dont u put in a lil bit more trust and confidence
in ur relationship and stop questioning others
when u have doubt. ask ur heart.
wat u really it a confirmation answer from
someone else.or u already knew wat will it be
but u are afraid to face it?
and.hah!u just think of urself,
have u ever thought of my feeling?
have u ever thought tat i might be emotionally disturbed too?
Im tired too.=(

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Perception towards being In a Relationship & Single

Suddenly this topic came across my mind when i was about to nap.
I used to be afraid of staying in a relationship,
coz i always thought that it limits my evrything.i mean evrything.
Being in a relationship is something sweet,
something blissful, as u had someone as a part of your life,
someone that,
will always be there for you no matter what,
are willing to listen to all your shitty things and happy moments,
gives you lots of warm and care whenever u are down,
will tickle u and makes u laugh whenever u are unhappy,
that understand u and know what u need,
that will love to see ur slpy face without dressing up because he loves the original u,
wil not ask u to diet becoz he wants a healthy u,
will be dragged or bug to bed when its late becoz he dont want u to miss class,
will be mad if u lied at him or hang out with others without permission
because he cares about you,
will always tell u how much they miss u,
will always get jealous if see u hanging with other guys,
will constantly bug u to drink water and eat medicine when u are sick,
nevertheless, whenever u are in a relationship,
there will be commitments, where u must be loyal,
must be frank to each other, must always care about each other feelings,
and also dont forget about those heartbreaking moments that will
disturb your emotion.well, no relationship is perfect thou,
as LeeVee said, give and take,
there will be sacrifices as well before you deserve wat u did.

Well, talking about another status which is single,
for me single equals to freedom.
In my point of view, i can do anything i want when im single.
i dont hav commitments, dont hav to report to anyone
about my style or way of life.
can hang out with friends anytime and anywher i want,
sometimes i prefer to stay single,
but sometimes am very awkard.
whenever there is yumcha session with my jimui,
most of the time,they will bring their bodyguard,BF.
and then, i really feel like sohai being there.
==..tats the moment when i feel like,shit,
i should have find one!haha.
and also during valentines day,christams,new year those
shitty celebration, when u are single,
u will feel like why in the earth those celebration were created??!!!
so, tats it, both had its good and bad,
but im pretty sure that most of my peeps will
still choose being in LOVE.
coz tats the best thing in our life.=)