Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is just AWM like.


is a self centred person.
adores freedom but too much of it will make her lose control.
is very rebellious when she got restricted
but yet willing to change for someone who is worth it.
is sometime arrogant and want things to go her way
but there are possibility that she will endure with it for someone.
is not a tolerantable person and sometimes she doesnt
even wish to tolerate but she somehow willing to change.
is against emo-ness although sometime she can be quite emotional.
is afraid of commitment but is wiling to accept the challenge at the same time.
can be very dependable sometime but she know that
she need to count things on herself.
tend to be strong and tough but sometime she feel like cryin
when she face little obstacle.
admit that clubbing is a part of her life,
giving up of one of her favourite activity is undeniable hard
yet she had choosed to accept the fact that it was for her own good.
always afraid of losing when things seem too good to be true.
always contradicting with her own feeling but refuse to search for
guidelines coz she want things to be solved with her own perception.
easily lost herself in a relationship and fall too deep.
is not a good partner as she always thought but
she shine in her own way and always think
she deserve the best.
always hope that she is able to maintain her strong personality
becoz without it, it is not AWM anymore.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Raining = Sleepless Night

Had a great chilling session with Angel and Mona.
They lectured me out of no reason.
I understand what u guys trying to tell me thou,
i guess i will try my best to do whaveter i can to settle down.=)
LOL.so its past midnight now,
and the rainingRain is still pouring like nobody business outside!
So its definitely a sleepless night for AWM.
Curious why??.................
Okay.let me tell you why,
AWM have got an AWFULLY lame + stupid habit,
A freaking weird one.
She cant slp when its raining heavily outside,
especially added with thunder and lightning..
Well, impressive huh?isnt it hillarious?
dont ask me why, i cant explain and describe with words thou.
I just noe that, whenever it rains with thunder,
the thunder will eventually keep me awake,
once it make the BARROOOOMMM sound,
dun expect me to fall aslp after im awake.
im just effin afraid.idk why!
so,im stil awake at this time, and busying with my blog.
coz i dunno wat else to do.=(

Kangaroo said, Be a Good Gal, Dont get Hurt, If yes, Dont be too much.
Awwwwww..u idiot.how can u use such phrase and make me wan to cry.lol!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010/4/6 3:15am !!!

i will remember this day . =)

Monday, April 5, 2010


So, actually feel reluctant to update my blog with all the
shit thing i hav been doin like, hang out, yumcha, shopping,and etc.
But rather than leaving this blog deserted, i will just briefly talk about my weekend.
Its not a new thing i went over to nilai to find Ef
as i am doing this quite often.
I spent my weekend with Ef at Nilai The great, tats how Jay describe it.haha
I was being ffk by one friend of mine which kinda pissed me off.
I feel being disrespect because he actually informed me last minute
after i have prepared myself and waiting for him.wtf.
but then he said he was sick like a dead meat.well.
wat else i could say.No matter what the reason is,
AWM just dont like being ffk by ppl, this is how arrogant i am.
I admit it.=)
Last minute plan hang out with Yong jie and Richard and of course EF.
Poor eefuan, was dragged along after persuaded by me.
Picture of the night

the next day, we were like dead meat slpping the whole day off.
and i made a new friend, Spring,
she was adorable and I kinda had a click with her.
I persuaded her to hang out with us.
We went to Midvalley by Cab.
Spring was actually studyin her ass off for midterm but was
forced to entertain me haha.im sorry dear.
but u should balance ur study and entertainment always!
And the ice cream from Gelato Fruity made my day . =)
Picture of the day. well ignore my hair that make me look like
my mum,i hav to pin it up
becoz of a bad skill stylist who had ruined my fringe.

Saturday night, went to Sepang Gold coast with Yong jie,Peach and Charissa.
Thanks to Yong jie who was driving but his driving skill
still scared me off.==
We had a nice chat at the beach but it was kinda dangerous to go at night
especially midnight becoz there were alot of mat rempit.
I felt so sorry for EF and Spring coz they were burning midnight oil
after the shoppin spree in the afternoon!=(
I was snoring like Pig when EF was doing her coursework.too bad.

Sunday, its time for me to pack my things and shoo back to Melaka.
So due to last minute changes, i went back in the afternoon.
and i take a freaking cab from nilai to seremban ktm.==
This taxi driver freak me out, coz he was those
scary looking indian,no offence,
and he drove me to Ktm through those kampung kampung
punya small road,which really scare me like shit ler.
haha.well, im so fortunate nth happen and yea.
im safe.=)
thats all for today.enjoy ur day peeps.