Sunday, June 27, 2010

Outing with besties.=)

Had an official outing with my besties
Mona and Joanne on saturday.
So, its time for me to update my
blog with proper entry.=)
We actually planned to just hang out
at Aeon as my twin sis,Mona
claimed that her assignment was due on MONDAY
and need to be completed blah blah blah.
Well, in the end,she was tagged along too
coz she cant resist the temptation,muahaha.
We went sunway piramid for shopping spree
as there were sales going on.
We three were absolute good partners
for wardrobe shopping..*winks*
Although it was tiring and we did spent
quite an amount of money but we
totally enjoyed our day
coz its been ages since we hang out together.=)
Angel refuse to join due to some lame reason,
and Joe was sick..Too bad, u guys missed the fun.=(
Anyway, treasure my twin sis and Boney very much.
Looking forward for our next outing.
Last but not least,
picture speak a thousand words.
Do always appreciate your friends and sista
that stand by you no matter what ♥

enjoy ur day with ♥ =)
P/S : click on my fb for more pics.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So dull.

Life recently was dull and tasteless,
started my serious mode and attend classes evryday.
Classmates are still fine but some are quite weird,
hmm,some doesnt like to talk,well
the nerd type u know,and also the kia su type,
u know la,always sit in the first row and
pay attention to evry words of the lecturer
and also note down whatever shit they
can get..omg lor..and in addition,
have their online notes printed
out on the first day of clas!
Okay,its kinda bad to talk shity things behind
people, yea i know,but just
in the way of sharing la.=)
Too bad i cant attend class with my
management classmates anymore,
but sometime i still sneak into their
lecture class and do all kind of nonsense

My pencil case is cuteee right,but its too huge and sometime
i find it heavy and occupied too much spaces of my bag.==
Kah yan said,the shape of the bottles actually
reflect the owner body size and shape as well,
so imagine hows the owner like.haha

Well, skipped whole day class today
coz i dont feel like going due to some reason.
Slept late and have baggy eyes
and itchy because of salt water.
If u ask me what happen to you recently,
i cant find an answer for you,
coz i dont really know the causes
of my insecure feeling.
So,till here,for sure u will think
that im just an emo freak ranting about
stupid lame shit,but no,
im not EMO,just that,
i have loads of things in my mind
that i have to sort it out.
chill babe
u can do it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking back.

Few days ago,i flipped through my diary.
Yea,my diary,stil remember my cute diary
since secondary school?i still have it nicely
kept and also never fail to update it occasionally.

This is the 'physical appearance' of my diary

Stil have our so cute and innocent look.=)

And now,a peek inside ..
Full of gossip and stories which cant be revealed,
so i just picked some.
Pls dont laugh at me,evryone hav hillarious past
that you wouldn want to know.hahaha

We were constantly ranting about how stress and
tension SPM was.HAHA.

Saw the shut up mask,it was drawn by Mona.

And take a look at these,advices from
the besties when we exchanged our diary.=)
The first one from my evil twin,mona,

The second one is from Burger Tan,angel la,

and this is from kut kut Juhyen,

Whenever i feel like travelling back to the past,
i will take out my diary and flip through.
I miss those old time that we have had together.
I saw one of my diary entry,
writing about how afraid and terrified
on facing new environment,new things
and friends alone.
And so here i am doing all
the shitty things all by myself now.
Force to be indepent to live alone without
my pampering parents.
FYI, im a lame ass who
will actually get home sick and emo
when I cant go home for weekend.
tel me how can you stand stayin in the room
few days without going out
and no one will even bother whether
you wil be eating or not.
So,for me,
i rather eat instant noodles or bread or watever
shit i can find in the house,rather than
walking out the apartment and eat alone
at mamak or cafe.
Farkkk,well,i dont know the purpose of this
lame post la,coz im not goin back
this weekend,so i tend to get very EMO,
thats all la.wil update soon with proper

Monday, June 7, 2010

random updates.

My two weeks holiday has come to an end
which also mean i had finished my honey moon management course
and goin to tune on my very serious study mode.(hope so la)
My two weeks holiday were filled with
outing with besties,driving my mum and bro,
dating my parents without my bro(i like this)hahaha.
and also farewell with my cousin Francis who will be goin
to UK to further his study.Wish him all the best!
Am backed to Melaka.=(
after two weeks of laming at home,i feel reluctant to leave.
My parents sent me back this evening.
We went Aeon to have our early dinner
at Tangshifu,汤师父 where they serve
variety kinds of herbal soup,very healthy dishes and desserts.

the environment and decoration was nice and comfortable.

we were quite satisfied with the meal and after that,
my parents left me at melaka and went home themself.=(
awww..tomorrow is the first day of school
and i haven register yet .will be going to admin early in the morning.
dozing off soon.night evryone.=)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Camwhore camwhore camwhore.
Its been ages since i last camwhored..
I cut my hair..=(
Actually i just wan to trim it
coz i wan to keep it longer before i can straighten it,
mana tau chik chak...walao eh..damn short..
blame the hair stylist...............
Emo for a week because of my very short hair.
End up i hav to spend money for straightening..
this is the outcome....

what you think?
giv me some comments.=(

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who made you smile?

I reviewed my older post and saw this post of mine
writing about someone who made me smile.
Yea.its you who can always make me laugh
the hardest,even though its the lamest joke ever.
I am missing you.