Monday, July 26, 2010

Dying to update

Well, i've been dying to update my blog,
also refer to wanted to update my blog soooo muchhhh,
but no new things are happening in my life,
same old shit,which is definitely not interesting to share.
After stirring my brain juice and hesitated,
thats all i have.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blank ...

Watching my blog filled with spider web,
yet stil nth come out from my head
what to update.
any suggestion? lifeless is that.
P/S : actually i could have just
come out with movie reviews as i had watched
most of the movie showing in the cinema
included Back-up plan,Despicable Me,Knight and Day,
Shes out of my league,needless to say
ECLIPSE, sex and the city,Karate Kid,A-team,
blah blah blah......
but, just feel lazie to do so.
But there is a recommendation,
Back-up plan was awesome, i had watched it twice.
So, what are u waiting for?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Freaking job.

Last two days, i took up a job as
a promoter for a route show event.
It promotes XXXX, which im not
going to reveal it, so me and
kah yan decided to work for the weekend
since both of us are not going back
to our hometown.
What makes us took up the stupid offer
was the stupid pay that was quite seducing.==
There goes the job, we stand for more than
13freaking hours for sat and sunday.
We were totally worn out !!!
I was disturbed by a freaking,bloody hell,
mid-age malay guy when i was selling the product!
Walao eh, fark the bastard, im not going to
tell what happen,but my fren said i
could have sued him for the harrasment he did.
And also a weird and scary guy
strolling around the route testing the sample
we promoting, and he was wearing the same shirts
on both sat and sun....god damn disgusting........
OMG.i couldnt believed that i survived for
two goddamndays and got paid finally.
It was the worst working experience i have ever had
I called my mum on Sat and told her about that,
she asked me,wahh,u so 'gien lui meh'?
means desperate for money so much in hokkien.
hahaha.and she only allowed me to work one day
which i didnt really obey coz i will not get pay
unless i work till sunday.
So, tats i realised and understood
why my dad refused to let me work so freaking much! least i get paid.thats the best part.=)

P/S : Me and kah yan decided not to took up such job
anymore unless the paid was RM200 or more per day.
And special thanks to JACKSON YEW WEN LIANG
who stayed for the weekend and sent me
to and from work.
( so appreciation are beyond words and action
,so i dont owe u any meal right??)hahaha