Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happily ever after.

My one week sem break had ended with just a blink.
Time flies .. its already December.
The whole week i've spent loitering around
with my lovely peeps and also ma twin sis.
Following my mum and dad wherever they goes,
dating my drama lazily on the couch all day.
Nevertheless, study last minute for my awaiting
Midterm exam..:)
Let the pic do the talking .

Shoo back to school and the dull Malacca life
after that.
To release the stress from the freaking
midterm test ( just somekind of lousy excuse ),
me and classmates went for movie!
Rapunzel !

Well, didnt really have high expectation
on this movie at first, because it was just cartoon.
you know, cartoon, where the whole row
was actually flood by bunch of kids.
But, suprisingly, i enjoyed the whole show!
Fairy tale!...
I actually love Fairy tale, they have happily ever after,
which rarely exist in real life,
thats what i adore about..
The bad guys and evil usually get paid for what
they did and there goes the happy ending.
Hmm, reality is X100000000000 differ from that!
hahahaha.so, i really enjoyed the whole show.
the graphics are so pretty..and and..
not to forget about the chamelleon ,
it was sooo freaking adorable..
I would want to watch it again in 3D!
Okay, stop being so naive..
there will never be fairy tales in reality.
Since then,there is nothing wrong for us to dream about
it a lil...haha :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

assignments oh assignments

Hey peeps, its public holiday,
and im stucked in my room whole day,
rushing my assignments.
Basically, from the time i get up from ma bed,
brushed my teeth, washed my face,took a simple breakfast
i sit in front of the lappie until now.
Woahh..But, suprisingly i felt contented!
its been some time since SAM,
when i rushed for my assignment like no tomorrow(bryan always said this)
because of my last minute attitude.haha.
i never changed.this work was given 7 weeks period
and i try to finish it in a day or two i guess.
I like the feeling of rushing assignment!!!!
i dont hav to think of other shits but just my work to be done!
And while i was happily doing my work,
suddenly my classmates vivian told me a shocking NEWS.
Here goes the conversation on Fb,

Vivian - hey, do you know that PIL have homework to be submitted ?

Me - (thinking , ya that one, after midterm break ma)hmm..huh?

Vivian - hahahha ! got 2 hw , one is the golden rule and purposive rule = do short notes or mind map , this if not mistaken is after our break pass up d .. den tmr need pass up for the chapter 4, Elements in reading a case = also do mind map or short notes .. got 6 elements

Me - ( in a shock )Wtf??!!!what is that??!!I don't know a thing.omg..(obviously i skipped the lesson)

At the moment, i felt that my sky has turned blue...it was no more a bright day.
because i hav to do the dont know what so ever mind map and short notes...
i dont feel like talking...............................................
thanks dear bloggie, u are always the most considerate "stuff" in my life,
because whatever i tel u, u will just listen.
you are the most loyal listener ever.
i dont know wtf im crapping.
i hav to go now.enough of ranting :(

Sunday, November 14, 2010

get wasted on SUNDAY ~

Have been thinking about changing the layout of my blogspot
for centuries already, but due to laziness,
i keep ignoring and procastinating until
there is a sunday to get wasted!
so, i searched for hours for this damn skin
as you know im a fussy person..whatever..
i dont wish to change it again..
For a computer idiot like me,
when it comes to things like html code,
it can totally messed me upside down
although i've already learnt about these
for my computer application last sem.
Oh gosh, i totally wasted my sunday without
doing anything meaningful, (except doing this thingy)
Went to my friend bday celebration last night,
it was a sweet and warm party ..
Her sister and friend planned a suprise party
for her..she have to be blindfolded to make sure that
she have no idea where are we heading.
Here are some pictures of the sexy birthday girl =)

Her sis and friend put candles inside paper cup
filled with sand and arranged the word happybirthday for her.
isnt that sweeeeeet <3
The place choosen was a restaurant located near Beach Klebang
at Malacca.Its an awesome place because it was just beside the beach!
Let pictures do the talking shall we.

last but not least, Happy Birthday Bonbon..
U are finally 19 =)
Ugh..Malacca is raining again.
is it only here or the rain season
have arrived in all the states?
raining day make me moody.shooot.
thats all for today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


















Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend getaway.

Since its Deepavali on friday,
my family and I had a short trip to Genting.
My uncle, aunt and couzies were tagged along too.
I thought it wil be bored and dull,
due to my phobia towards height,
i dont favour the outdoor theme park,
indoom theme park doesnt attract me as well.
and the place remind me of someone,
double the sigh-ness....
First day of trip, i baby-sitted my lil nephew
as all the elders went to casino.
Idk whats wrong with the kids nowadays,
they were crazy with a kind of battling game
where u get cards from it when when u
battle with various kinds of animal..
and the lil monster willing to wait for a
long queue to play that retard game..
okay, maybe its like so fun for him because
he nag me all the way to bring him for the game.
Heres a photo of him..
btw, he is only 5 years old :)\

At night, we had a bowling session .
The glowing in dark bowling centre =)
My bro ~

After that, i grabbed my books and chill at starbucks.
what to do, the homework was dued on monday.fml.
spent an hour only btw.hahaha.
Ewww, i drank four cups of machiatto in three days.

First night ended with parents,
me, uncle and aunt go wild in safari.
What a scene...haha..No pictures
provided due to privacy..=)
The next day, I have nothing else to do,
so my mum asked me to follow her to casino,
as if i can enter..
due to my physical apperance,
i entered the casino............
And i played the stupid eat money machine,
we lost 300bucks on it.Lmao.
Spent few hours inside, conclusion,
i should have use the money on something else.
Second night ended with chilling at Patio Bar
with parents plus the awesome live band.

On the way back from Genting, we dropped by at Sungai buloh
to have our dinner.
Its my favourite! Thai Cuisine! <3<3<3
The restaurant was located at a kampung area,
Named, De' Chiang Mai.
The restaurant was so unique because of the appearance.
Well, i dont know what style or culture it was made up of,
took a few pictures of the place.

Even the toilet itself was decorated nicely.
Forgot to take picture of the dishes.
Too bad..
Anyway, i enjoyed my weekend .
Its been a while since i updated my blog
with such a long long post,
im just lazie.
Gonna blog more .leave me comment
if u are reading, to show that my blog
is not dead yet..Thanks...=)
End my post with a self -loving pic.