Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas done :)

Well well well, xmas is officially over and
now the new year 2011 awaiting.
Have you guys thought of places to hang out yet for new year eve?
Back to klang for xmas without family's company.
Joanne the boney came and slp over at my house for a night
and she accompanied me with my cousins for xmas eve.
Had a good time but things are different without you :(
Only manage to took pictures of boney posing :)

gah, i look so freaking huge and fat in this pic.ignore that !!

Had xmas dinner at my uncle's house.
Playin with all the couziesss...
Not that alone as i actually camp at my grandma house the whole day.
And all the kids got their pressie.apa macam fancy toys pun ada,
but dont have mine i have neither of them..
xmas present kosong...T.T ..CDG faster come la....fly to me :D

The next day, the cousin feel pity and sorry for me to be at home,
so she brought me out with her bf to become the ultra super large LIGHTBULB.
We have no idea where to go.at last her bf suggested
to bring me to Kuala Selangor where you get to watch fireflies and eagle feeding.
But didnt get to see any of them because both of them have been there
few times and eventually bored with it ==
We strolled around Sekinchan, which was located 15mins drive further from Kuala selangor
to view the Paddy field and then came back to K.S for seafood.
The seafood is not really tasty compare to what i've had before at Telok Gong
but still i think its a nice place to chill on sunday as its only
45mins drive from Klang :)
I actually think that the place look similar to Tanjong Sepat and also Pulau Ketam.
Small fisihing village with people staying above the water..

After one week, finally my family were back from Shanghai ..
My parents bought me lotsa stuff ..
Sigh, they seemed to enjoy it alot cause my dad said the stuff
there are not really pricey..this make me feel more depress.
Got a perfume set for xmas present.
Hello Kitty Diamond Edt..
to be honest, i dont really like Hello kitty,
but still it looks cute ==

Thats all for today.going back for New year this weekend.
Happy New year peeps :)
19 days to go :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Xms outing =)

Its xmas week!!Cheekuan suggested a pre-xmas dinner
because she will be going back to Ipoh this weekend,
so yea, a purely girl's outing.
The theme was set by CK , red lips plus Maxi...
So four of us were dressed up like nobody business
and headed to Portugese Settlement.
This was the first time i've been there so im a lil bit excited.
ok, i knw this may be common for some of the Malaccans like Boon.
All the houses there were soooo pwetttiiieeeeeee ..awwww.
The owner decorated their house for people to visit, and
some of them actually open their gate for us to take picture of
their compound..And here start our like-nobody-business-camwhore!!

And because im too lazie to add description to the photo one by one,
forgive my lazieness, so please create your own story with your own imagination.
Last pic of four of us in case you cant differentiate us =)
Me,Boon,Wen Fen and Cheekuan ..

Im going back to hometown for xmas,
although my family are not around,
i stil wish to be at Klang for xmas.
Have a great Christmas yooooo :)