Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holiday -Ing

So, obviously my exam had came to an end finally.
Home Sweet Home.
Spent most of my time watching movie,
hanging out with the peeps, doing whatever i like
and just enjoying life until CNY comes.
Dont jealous, i did suffer before holiday :(
Due to laziness, i dont really keep my room neat
and most of the time im at Melaka so i dont really
have time for the room here, so,
the maid from grandpa house being so thoughtful
cleaned my disastrous room for me and plus the
N years dusty closet.oh gosh, now my room
had a brand new look and it look spacious now!!
its super neat and comfy :)
(but she threw most of my stuff which i collected
years ago from 'friends' :( )
Million thanks kakak .. super good mood looking at it now :D
new bedsheet,new arrangement,new clothes for cny!
are u guys ready for cny ?
am having a good time now but at the same time
fear of losing it . how contradicting was that huh.
Anyway, will not be updating my blog until CNY end.
Enjoy peeps <3

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

homesick :(

Oh gosh, its been 3weeks since i last went back to klang..
I just wan to go home..
Im tired of books!!
Everday revision, revision,revision,
look at all those words and sentence without a single picture.
I dont hate studying and reading,
in fact sometimes i enjoy reading but too much
of something is never a good thing right?
i feel like puking looking at my textbook now.
I am not a study type of person, and will never be.LOL.
So, why am i choosing law that requires frigging lots of reading?
And not to mention in the future i have to keep reading even im already working,
because i hate numbers.FML.
Back to the point, so the rest of my friends are happily enjoying their cny shopping,
listening to all kind of cny songs,
happily indulge in the oh so sweet cny atmosphere,
while im in this oh so wtf situation where i have exam
for two subject on THAIPUSAM tomorrow !
Life is great right? yea. me think so.
i wil screw you back.
cant wait to go back.fml twice.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unpredicted .

I always hate stuff that i cant predict,
or to be more specific, things that going to happen in future
which i dont really acknowledge.
I never want myself doing stuff that lead to nowhere.
I only do things that the consequences was predicted.
During exam, i only answer questions that i know,
for question that i dont really study, i will just leave it,
i will never try to 'tembak' as in trying my luck,
because i know i aint got that luck.
I just hate stuff that is not under my control,
hate stuff that doesnt happen in my way (okay,evryone hates that),
Plan ahead is never a thing for me,
i dont plan things, i just make it works when time comes,
who knows what is going to happen when it comes
to the actual day, there are always something that ruin the plan,
call me pessimistic but thats what i think about all the time.
You know how much i hate going through the days before it comes
to the already planned day, tension all the time
and afraid that something might happen to screw the plan.
Oh gosh, exam is coming nearer and nearer,
engaged to the library at this moment and date my textbook.
Just freaking blog to rant .
Sometimes, life really screw us hard but im gonna survive.
Well, today is just not my day.
slp over it

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year

Sorry for being so lazieee :)
I know New year post should be updated earlier ;p
Final exam is just around the corner.
FML.things are getting a lil tension when its the end of sem.
Where you receive your coursework mark and then u calculate how many marks
you need in final in order to excel, then u found out
you coursework mark is freaking low then you need to like score
oh so high in final then u will feel like OMGWTF..
Okay.just ranting, in fact my lecturer this sem is sweet enough to give us sufficient
coursework mark except one bloody kiamsiap lecturer
Oh gosh, how i wish i can skip all this exam thingy and straight
enjoy my CNY .. :(
Okay la, enough of that, i will share about my new year eve that i have spent with my parents.
Because i aint have any plan so i just follow my parents
wherever they go.hahaha.
well, i love spending time with my parents fyi
because i can talk whatever craps with them,
and they are also willing to listen to me, i can eat and play
without paying a single penny.HAHAHAHAHAHA.

4 elders bottoms up 2 bottles of Chivas and two jugs of beer.
they are incredible.==
i only took two bottles of heineken.ughh..they are good drinkers :)
And the next day, i date Felicia out.
awww...we spent a great time, its like the first time
i've ever shop with her since the day we know each other,
its been 7 years yoooo .hahaha..unbelievable.
We strolled around the mall until semua close shop..
then get stucked at the parking for an effing hour. ==
anyway, had a great time, we shall do this again :)

This is the two bracelet we bought from Cotton on for charity purpose.

Okay, thats all for today,end my post with pictures of me :)

Rock my Final Exam..ROAR!!!!