Monday, February 28, 2011

Cousin's wedding

Okay, im here to blog about my cousin wedding,
its gonna be a picture-says-it-all post :)
Since i have a close relation with mum side relatives,
so my cousin, Thomas wedding its a big thing for all of us!
Everyone was busy preparing for his wedding since last year onwards!
So, the day finally came :)
I always love wedding dinner, its just sweet especially
if u attend with ur loved one, but mine was not here :(
Anyway, his wedding was a blast.
Its nice to have everyone gather together to
celebrate the happy and blessed moment :)
Reached cousin's house at 6.30am early in the morning,
follow the heng dai to fetch the bride at Bangsar

Reached earlier than others at One Hotel and start fooling around
at the cocktail party before the dinner.

The dishes served was not too bad and we get chocolates in love shape.
cute :)

And end my post with all my vain camwhore pics :)

Im lazie to upload evrything because its alot!
check out my Fb for more pics ..
love ,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Desserted the blog again although i've stated
that this blog will be alive..
Dont have suitable mood to blog.
well yea, i have to deal with another leaving again.
its just a vicious circle that keeps going on.
oh fuck, i wish it could end faster.
u knw it feel so sucks when u are just about to get closer to each other,
u are force to leave.
I've been sticking around with him too often this time
which make it harder for me to deal with this.
I feel sadness that i've never felt before,
it hurts more than a break up knowing that
u wish to see him but u know u cant.
Im not really afraid of distance,
what really makes me feel insecure is that,
god knows whats going to happen in this 4months,
because he is leaving to a place that im not familiar,
not familiar with the people, the place,
eefuan said, its time to use your wisdom and maturity
to deal with all these uncertainities,
but whenever problem strucks, it just make me lose my mind
that i forgot the proper way to settle it.
I wish for this coming 4months, everything wil be alright
because time flies :)

Everyone judge people based on their pyhsical appearance,
we always say, never judge a book by its cover
but how many people actually able to do that??
We labelled people with our own perception without
looking at things from different perspective.
But, everyone has their freedom of speech to comment
on people around them, sometimes just because i took
those comment too seriously,
i felt so i realised that,
why should i be affected ?
Why should i shape myself to someone that people wish me to be?
As long as i do my parts, and i feel satisfied with it,
that is more than enough.
Im not a perfect one, but im good enough to impress u.
thats all for today.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to reality

Oh my, my bloggie is just like my room neglected for three weeks
and its full of spider webs.
Im finally back to reality, the real life,
After skipping the whole week of the new trimester,
i have no choice but to get my ass off Klang to Melaka.
Duh..So, this year cny was way to short compare to previous,
most of my friend and the adults start working, studying on the fifth day
of cny :(
Dont really have sufficient time to rock it,
didnt even visit any of my friend house excpet kevy's house.
double f .. *guilty*
Nevertheless, all i did on cny was just gambling,
gambling, gambling and gambling,
dont really win or lose any moniessss,
so that makes no difference, just for the sake of passing time :D
let the pic do the talking..

as usual, chor yat visit church with mum and aunt :)

and a catch up with the ex highschool gang, ampuan gang,
they just make me laugh alot :)

And not to forget kevy's house with the twin sis and Kevy ho :D
not really wanted to post that pic with kevy because i look like
fei po, but thats the only pic we took together,
blaim mona camera!

And and and MOS night with nic and the gang :)
Xiao Wen and me :)

She look drunk here . haha

group pic with all the drunk face :D

suppose to have upload more pic but i left my cable at home..fml
and those pictures are yet to be transferred frm my cam,
so thats it for my cny.
The blog will be alive from now :D