Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy life keep me alive

Am so busy with my classes and work recently.
Its my last semester in foundation and its already mid of semester.
I'm loaded with assignments and classes.
i don't really know why we have to include drama in our english subj
and also business project, which is selling stuff to make profit
for our business management subj(double the curiosity why we have to
take this subj)
Its like double our workload. -.-
In order to sell stuff in school,
u have to go through all sort of troublesome work,
apply to rent a space for your business,
pay for the rental which is a total of RM110 for three days,
and get approval from whatever head of department,
hell, im not the one doing all these shit,
in fact, my friend, Vivian are the one who helped the whole group of 11peoples
and settled it down, appreciate her hard work to run through all these places.
Not to mention, u have to spend time preparing the food to sell,
or whatever shit u are selling, and also standing under the killing
weather to get your stuff sold.hell yeah.
Furthermore, DRAMA.
Im never fond of this kind of stuff, acting, doing monkey stuff in front
of the audience to gain applause.but yet,
we have to show whatever we got to impress the lecturer in this drama shit.
First, preparing the script, choose the actor,
preparing the props, gosh, i don't know but seriously
i think it wasted our time a lot.
just personal opinion, no offence.
I just don't like troublesome stuff like this,
especially arts? OMG
Anyway, busy life keep me alive..
busy with classes, busy with work
busy with drama practice,
keep me away from thinking nonsense stuff.
Its a good thing to have your mind focus on many stuff,
not just looking at one ,
which torture your mind and soul.
Beside studying, spending money
keeps me happy also :)
its like girl's nature, our stuff will never be enough.
Money not enough, but, i'm not allowed to work
i guess i'll have to save for my new love .
wait for me, mummy will come and get u soon !
thats all for today !