Sunday, May 29, 2011

Penang getaway.

Was actually in a dilemma and cant decide whether
to blog in chinese or the other way round
because my Penang trip was mostly about food i ate and
i might face difficulty in translating
the name of the food but whatever la,
i will just type whatever that comes out from my mind.
pardon me if this post came out to be some crap which
u barely can understand, so just enjoy the pictures . teehee
I used to spend my holiday in Penang quite frequent
during childhood time because my aunt
and couziesss are there.
They feed me yummy food everyday and i remembered
once i ended up with constipation. haha
This time, mummy and another aunt were tagged along :)
Let the pic do the talking,
My first bowl of asam laksa . yummmyyy

Dinner on the first day was my favourite Thai cuisine and
it was freaking delicious i have to say.
Different from what i had have before.

i forgot what dishes is this but
its an appetizer with papaya .

Fried Kangkung is deliciousssss !!

they have this raw vege which is really not my thing,
as someone said, u are not a rabbit wtf.

Belacan fried rice.

Lazie to name it short, its all yummayyyy food :)

Enough of the food, beside these fattening stuff,
we visited Kek lok si temple and Bukit Bendera.

Both my eyes took their turn to get infected and became holy reddish
and me, ended up strolling around with spec . gahh . nerd look.
Feeding turtle is a must at Kek Lok Si temple
especially when the lil niece was around :)

Zodiacs .
my zodiac is not pig ! neither is she . haha
but she insisted she wan to sit on that pig . cute

Praying is a must too

The wishing tree

Went auto-city on the last night at Penang.
Its crowded with people and so freaking hot.
Coincidently have the chance to see Linda Chung.
She's having a mini concert there.
She is pretty :)
Managed to capture her pic from far.

Okay. thats all for today.
am freaking exhausted after few days of getting up early
and sleeping early, although i slept early,
but waking up early is not my thing.
i get exhausted even i sleep early.
Dozing off now ! Will write more on the next post.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday Mood ? No.


Recently, i came across this issue,
Do couple still able to be friend with each other after break up?
I actually discovered that most guys think ITS OKAY AND ITS A SHOULD !
OMG. I dont know what others girl think but i personally think
its a BIG NO.
I don't believe in bullshit where breakup couples
becoming friend if both of them really love each other deeply before.
I could not imagine the scene where me and an ex talking about
our own future ? WTF ?! Future which we used to talk about together?
Maybe i've take things seriously but SERIOUSLY,for god sake
its a NO. Breakup couples whom maintain as friend either
have the intention to patch back or never have loved each other before.
No offence just personal opinion .
Thats all for today, pictures of me to make this post not so boring.

I am still afraid to fall after all that i've been through.


Monday, May 16, 2011

I need Oxygen

Oh baby, if I was your lady
I will make you happy
I'm never gonna leave, never gonna leave
Oh baby, I would be your lady
I am going crazy for you

And so I found a state of mind
Where I could be speechless
I had to try it for a while
To figure out this feeling
This felt so right
Pull me upside
Down to a place where you've been waiting
And how am I supposed to tell you how I feel?
I need oxygen

OMG, finals are killing me :/
cant wait for it to end !
my heart is at Bangkok :(

Monday, May 9, 2011


另外,只能请他多多包涵了 :(



Sunday, May 1, 2011


Finally done with all the presentation and waiting for the finals!
Been acting obedient lately and attended all the morning classes :D
Picture of me and Shirley 8am in the morning
Trying hard to open my eyes 0.O

My eyes obviously look different recently,
been using normal lens to rest my eyes
colour lens just can't stop making it red :(
Didnt expect that the lecturer will end the class
so early, two weeks before the finals,
and now we have two weeks the so called 'study' week.
and im stucked at mlc for no reason.
Just dilemma, cant really study at home, but most of my friend
went back and only god knows how dead boring my life is at mlc.
I spent the whole day in front of the pc doing
unproductive stuff and read through my past blog post
one by one . lifeless shit.
Went back last week and visited KBCA,

its been sometime since my last visit,
and i felt so old. to be precise,
i felt so left out. the prefect in charge now were oh so YOUNG !!
haha. time flies, our badge of prefect were no longer active
due to our studies and work.

The best thing to be back to klang was being pampered
by all kinds of food, ya food!

Tried this 猪脚醋, Vinegar Pork, direct translate, dont really
know how to type it in english . pardon me.
There are rarely restaurant that serve this and
it was one of the dishes that i've been craving of.

Another serious craving of mine will definitely be Korean Cuisine.
AHHHH.Rebecca brought me to her Godmother restaurant
and that's what she cooked for us. love her 大酱汤 to the max!
Of course we have to pay la :p
Mostly recommended, it was located somewhere around Mlc Town. haha

Even though i wish to go back home so badly sometimes,
but the curfew set when im back to klang bother me still.
Not to mention how my dad will wait for me until im back everytime
I am out and that seriously make me feel guilty sometimes.
He doesn't really restrict me from hanging out but his act certainly
stopped me from doing that . -.-
Thats all for today, heres two vain self loving shot,
gosh, why can't my hair grow ?!!!