Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend at Malacca

I don't usually go out during weekend at Mlc.
(FYI, im studying at MMU Malacca)
Going out means going to Mlc town because
it will be crowded with tourist and visitors everywhere !
but sometimes it can be really boring staying
in the room for whole effing day facing the lappie
and shitty tutorials .
Its been some time since i last hang out with my girlfriends
because i did not go home for the past two weeks .
Well, our holiday is always different !
Its already the fourth week of my first semester.
Starting to worry about my studies .
I am so sure that i will be distracted when someone got back .
So obviously i will be carried away.
Got to put effort in balancing both !
Might not be so flexible for outing for the coming two months
coz he's coming home :)