Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hey ya :)

Hello :)

PD birthday Party updates coming soon.
Stay tuned !


Friday, August 19, 2011


Whenever problem struck,
i rarely quarrel or argue , or should say
i hardly expresses it.
all the unhappy feelings wer kept because i think
no one can understand or maybe its better if i keep it to myself.
Ended up, the unhappy feelings were collected and roll up like
a snow ball which grew bigger each day.
Each time when i face a new problem that makes me unhappy,
it contributes to the snowball .
I always thought of the worst outcome if one day it explode,
so that i will be prepared for the worst, anytime.
But i realized keeping all these stuff doesn't make me any better.
I reminisce all the previous unhappy thoughts when a new one struck.
Its overwhelming but i don't know what i can do about it.
I try forgetting it a lil everyday when i open my eyes,
but how ironic when i dreamt about it at night.
People sleep and forget things.
I slept and became more conscious next day.
Okay . Thats all for today. Till then .

No love,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Im finally back to update pictures of my Sg trip.
Well, my mid-term is finally over after the last
blardy hell paper ytday !
Finals will be coming soon . but chillax , we have time for that !
Okay , its not the first time i've been to Singapore
and my last visit was approximately 5 years ago with family and cousins. ahem.
So, this time im travelling with my peeps and
we have to get use to their public transport to get to places.
And i discovered something , the cab drivers are really impolite.
I mean people who provide services and got paid from that
shouldn't you be more friendly, with manners and maybe open your mouth
and talk , no?
Most, i mean most of the cab drivers hardly say thank you when u pay them the fare,
or never .
We met one of the worst who did not even open his whole effing mouth
the whole journey and just pointed us the way when we reached the destination.
OMG. and and i waited one hour for a freaking cab because they got the right
to choose their customer. if we arent heading to the place he wanted to go to,
he will just say no before u got the chance to hop in .
And the last day before we got back, we met a nice and friendly one,
and after a small talk, we realized he was not local.
stop crapping . pictures will do the talking !

Okay i guess that's all for my Sg trip .
not going to talk about it anymore since it spent me a fortune.
and people there aren't friendly at all
except the peoples in Optical shop that i went to in Orchard Mall.
wait for the next update !


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back :)

July was a busy month .
Midterm, assignment, classes, tutorials plus boyfie's back.
Gosh. can hardly cope with everything.
But of course, study come first.
Picture of us studying in the creepy law library which
i think is too quiet for me .

My blog is almost dead i know.
Just came back from a short trip to Singapore with my peeps
and will blog about it as soon as i have the time :)
Stay tuned :D