Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pictures talk

Although i hate the hot weather here so much
but i couldn't stand the cold wind in Cameron.
Contradicting enough :)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday Getaway

Celebrated Boyfie's friend, TunWei birthday last saturday at Port Dickson.
Xiao Wen, which is the best-girlfriend-of-him-ever organized this suprise
party . Booked a homestay villa which was just in front of the beach
for us to rock the night !
Well, the place was awesome so do the people :)
All the male were required to dress up like a big baby with
the napkins, adult diapers and best part of it ,
no cup for us but only baby's feeding bottle to drink.
Okay, talk less, picture more .
Look at the pictures and imagine yourself.
I am so gonna get killed because of the leak of the secret pictures ..

We were doomed by these beer, not to mention about the wine and liquor :/

Boyfie and me !

im not ready yet !

Two happy boi !

Close look..

First fully dressed up HUGE baby !

Feeding bottles

Getting ready and fooling around !

Baby girl getting ready

a lil sneak peak......


Xiao wen aka best-gf-ever :)

Say hi to my ass !


Mafia Baby !

Planking huge baby!

Handmade Iron Man bday cake from xiao wen !!!

Picture with the birthday boi :)

Huge babies group pictures !

And pictures credit goes to Nicholas Chua Baby !
Stolen all from his GF2 :D
Thats all for my PD blasted weekend.
House and beach party was fun !
We shall do it again next year !