Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello !

Omygod its been ages since i update .
Finally done with my finals and also my holiday
and started my second sem .
Well, i've encountered the first failure in my life..
which was failing one of my subject for my final.
Kinda depressing but since most of my friends are gonna
retake with me so i guess everything will be fine, i hope :(
Darn . just forget about the sad things !
here's some pictures i've taken with my girls .
we look like some wannabe lacking of attention . HAHAHA

After the two weeks holiday, i feel reluctant to leave home.
Home is always the comfort zone for me and although i don't have much freedom
back there, i still love staying at home and wandering around the house .
To be honest, i feel lonely here.
Whenever my feelings got neglected, i could search it back or
ignore it when im at home because of my lovely parents.
But whenever im here, im just all alone .
Girls are always more sensitive and guys are always so careless of it .
Argh . i know guys hate it when girls whine about it.
I'll just stop here .