Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Class trip

Well, it was the first time i've ever participate in a class trip(MACC in Malacca)
I visualize it as fun and interesting but it actually end up
as disaster because its deadly boring :/
i almost doze off when the officer was delivering her speech
and i had a hard time tryin to keep my eyes open in the meantime.
GOSH. still we experienced sitting in a school bus to get to the destination
and i feel just like primary school student :D

Well, xmas is just around the corner.
What i want for christmas is always you .


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love'em all

Attended my BFF's convocation.
These are friends that i've known for years .
Friends i met when i first step into Secondary school.
When it comes to them, all i remembered was laughter,
smiles, fun and never sadness.
Memories may fade with time but hope our friendship never dies.
Appreciate those who've walked in to my life and left their footprints.
You guys completed my life ! :D

Me with Bouquet of flowers :D

and two random pics with the long lost friend , Hana Tay !