Saturday, March 17, 2012


No matter how good a relationship could be,
there are still lies.
sometimes we lie to make the other half feel better
without knowing the truth
but who knows the truth hurt the most if it was discovered
after the lie was told.
No matter what the reason was, if you plan to hide or lie,
make sure that the truth will never be revealed,
if not i prefer revealing the truth.
And another thing about lies being discovered was
no matter what was your intention of telling a lie,
you lost the trust that u've gained before.
It doesn't matter what the latter have done to
mend it, people forgive but they never forget.
People gets suspicious from time and start asking more question,
creating more scene and this is what that weaken the bond between a couple.
That‘s what i learnt from my past experience.
so as a conclusion,
if u cant make sure your lies will remain unknown for life, DONT LIE.
if u can, lie wholly .
But for me i wish there'll be no more lies in my life,
even the truth hurts, i still prefer it.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beginning of the year

The blog was deserted for three months and now im finally back.
This dragon year was supposed to start with bliss but unfortunately
granny passed away one day before my birthday on Valentine's day.
It was devastating as granny was my favorite grandparents back when
when i was small.
She was the one who took care of me when i was a kid, stayed at my house
with my mum when my dad was away for work,
took good care of our daily life and so on.
But few years back she suffered from stroke and was unable to stand nor walk.
She spent most of her time on bed and start to have trouble speaking and understanding.
Its been years since she suffered from all kinds of pain
and everyone think that its a relieve for now that she had left.
But still, everyone feel pain for losing her.
49days of prayers is coming to an end soon
and im sorry i couldn't be there.
Even its abit too late but i still wan to say
you'll always live in our memories
and fyi, i've kept your lil picture in my wallet :)