Sunday, June 10, 2012


Came across this post in my friend's blog.

Agreed with what he's trying to express
and decided to share it here.

Love and Romance.

A friend asked me a question today. Basically it went like this, "Do you think two people can stay in love for a long time". At the time, I thought to my self, no. I has always been fixed with this answer. It just didn't seem possible for two people to be together for long periods of time, yet alone their entire lifetime. But being the lonely bastard that I am, I began thinking about it. And here's something interesting I came up with.

I believe that married people can find even more profound joys, be it with the birth of their children or the depth of the relationship itself that can evolve into something that they can't possibly live without. Yet, its still something that doesn't quite resemble love. At least not the romance of love. This is my conclusion after long deliberation. The love you have for a person, comes from your heart, so it can never die. However, its the romance in the relationships that cannot last. The flowers, the candy and the cute names. I'm not saying its impossible, its just improbable.

The promise of love can be everything. That being said, I believe that love, even if its for a day, means something. Romance is at this point, irrelavant. I guess Im just too much of a romantic. One of my lady friends once told me, " Jay, no girl or woman could ever possibly live up the promise of tomorrow that love holds for you. You're too picky". Thats the problem isn't it. People who are desperate for boyfriends and girlfriends always embrace the promise of tomorrow. There are too few people who actually celebrate the joy of "now".

Every morning, I wake and think to myself, will this be the day? Everynight i put my head on my soft pillow, I wonder to myself, will I meet her tomorrow? I imagine what she'll look like, her smile, her hair, and the way she laughs. Like I said, the promise of love can be everything. So, I guess that love is eternal but romance is today. Its not impossible, just improbable. But then again, who knows?

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Full stop

Whenever a relationship comes to an end,
there will always be sad and depressing moments.
but it doesn't mark an end to your life,
life still goes on and the globe would still be spinning with you or without you.
Apparently , i feel numb to everything around me,
emotionless to 'the loss' and at the same time 'the gain'
Some said its the peak of my life, unfortunately i felt nothing.
I don't feel like a student right now,
the last time i felt so was a month ago when i was having my finals .
What i am doing now is exceeding the limit.
Its time to behave.
Staying at home on a Sunday is a good start.