Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi There :)

Hi there.
Just feel like updating my blog at this moment.
Well, blogspot is still the place that will always be here for me
whenever my mind is stuck.
Someone told me today, your action and words were never the same.
what you said and what you did was totally different.
Deep thought for few second, and suddenly remind me of what my dad said,
he told me the same thing too.
So, is it good or is it bad, does this mean that i am not good at holding promises,
or  i am always telling lies ? Hmm.
Things are always good when its still ambiguous,
it might be a lil bit messy, but it still feels good.
I hate when thing get serious,
or a more proper word, 'afraid' .
I kept a distance because i am afraid to fall.
But, i think this time, i've tripped and fall .
I hope it would be worth to try.
because i never like regrets in my life,
unfortunately, i never like failure too.
What should i do this time?

just feel like an idiot .