Monday, August 27, 2012


I am not sure whether its right or wrong about being
so honest and frank on what i did throughout the past .
maybe it would make people trust me less
or feel insecure and fake on what i will be doing
in the future but what i know is i don't want to lie.
i am  done with lying and i know the consequences of it.
truth always hurt but it hurt more when the secret burst.
People used to said that there are no relationship without lies,
i used to agree with it but not now anymore .
things hidden beneath just make things worst
and it makes people wonder and become suspicious.
enough with all these guessing and trick,
thinking of all the possibility that could happen
behind every sentence you've said.
I felt emotionally naked in front of you now,
its like you can see through my mind and thoughts,
so, being honest is the least i can do .
I know clearly what myself is capable of,
I've been through so much that i just want
things to be as simple as possible now.
I hope things would get better.
What i want is just a normal and ordinary rs.
I was hoping for a peace of mind
just like the old days.
Stress free :)


Monday, August 6, 2012


This is what i wrote about myself 2years ago.

is a self-centered person.
adores freedom but too much of it will make her lose control.
rebellious when restricted
yet willing to change for someone who is worth it.
is something arrogant and want things to go her way
but there are possibility that she will endure with it for someone.
is not a tolerant person and sometimes does not even wish to tolerate but
somehow willing to change.
is against emo-ness although but could be quite emotional at times.
is afraid of commitment but willing to accept challenge at the same time.
can be very dependable sometimes but she know she will have to count on herself.
tend to be strong and tough but sometimes she feel like crying when she face lil obstacle.
admit that clubbing is a part of her life
giving up one of her favorite activity is undeniably hard
yet she had chosen to accept the fact that it was for her own good.
afraid of losing when things seem to good to be true.
and is not a good partner as she always thought but
always think she deserve the best.

After reading it back, well mostly still remain true but
some part of it make me feel like chuckling .
I realize making me a good partner depending on
what kind of partner i am dealing.
I guess the next would be better .
When you said, you will eventually make the same mistake again,
because its you,
that makes me wonder, what kind of person i am.
I have no idea why demand me to change
when i am perfectly happy with my life now.
Even when i met someone who is worth it and i change AGAIN,
how long would it last?
i would still give it a try.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life as a student

You start to feel like a student when your exam and assignment due dates are near.
And what worst is the due dates and exam dates are just soooo freaking near.
My midterm is happening now and my assignment is assisting it in messing up my life as well.
For a procrastinator like me, there is no such thing as preparing, there is only RUSHING !!
Mind u, but i actually enjoy meeting assignment deadlines.
The moment when you finishes everything on time and handing in like a boss :p
But this doesn't apply on my exam lah, you know last minute study can really kill you.
Even though its just a midterm, but everyone treating it like finals and studying like nobody business.
Well, peer pressure always do its job great and we all have to study like that too .
I enjoy late night study with friends in a group of 3 or 4 perhaps and doing shit stuff while we are stress out.
Unfortunately i can hardly get the chance to do so again :(
most of my friend prefer studying at home, ALONE.

P/S : There has been some shitty stuff that happened recently and honestly i don't think i would give a shit anymore. What i can do is just move on and live my life happily as what i've promised myself last year. It would be better than ever because of you, JG . Thanks for everything :)