Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hello people.
Started new semester with supplementary paper(sad case)
and officially start attending class today..
Well, holiday ended pretty fast 
and i have not done anything special in this three weeks
except meeting the ex-intians from SAM (if this is counted).
Past is past and no matter how much we reminisce it,
those good old days will never come back.
We could just cherish the present, cheesy i know but that's 
what i can do least by now ..
Oh and the final epic ending of Twilight is coming soon :)

First read about the book in 2009, and can't stop reading but 
i didn't finish the last book because i was spoilt by a story teller.
Ok conclusion just wanna say i love the movie and book alot 
and i even blogged about the feeling i read the first book 
in this particular blog i hope i've deleted the post felt so stupid .
I wonder why i don't have anything to write in my blog anymore
maybe its because i think expressing out wouldn't help solving my problem,
the same problem that haunt me,
continue haunting me and there is no solution for that.
i am just following the flow and being a coward.
sometimes, i really hate myself for being so,
but, i am left with no choice but to wait.
Since i was born, i am not a patience type of person,
mom said i have bad temper.
dad said i am 'guai lan' 
i get angry to stuff that doesn't goes my way easily
i get grumpy whenever people in front of me moving slow
i got trapped by my own feeling being furious for tiny stuff
but when it comes to rs, everything goes the opposite way.
and that's how it eff me upside down.
and yes, like i always say
you will never understand how i feel