Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getaway !!

I want a holiday !!
I know i've been whining about this for the past few weeks
but it seems that i am not even close enough to get one.
I've been to China and Thailand twice this year with the family
and yes i know i should be grateful enough already
but i am hoping for a proper trip with someone,
girlfriend perhaps but i guess it would be hard
since everyone is so attached with their rs recently.
I can barely remember the last trip i had with my girlfriend,
that's like five freaking months ago and that's not even counted as a trip,
because we went to GENTING .. that explain..
Used to have plans whenever it comes to holiday
but now that everyone seem to be happily going on with their own life
and i am like the only pathetic fellow here with no company
for a small little trip .. seriously .. I need a holiday ...
Sorry to annoy you but yes, before my finals i've been whining about it,
during my holidays, i am still whining about it yet i can't be able to  make it
because my dad was admitted to the hospital,
and now after my freaking finals and finally it comes to the new sem
and i had a long weekend, i still can't freaking get my holiday.
Felt devastated.

Happy moments yet to be gained back .....
Sigh, we will just leave that aside
BTW, Christmas is coming SOON.
FYI, x'mas is always my favorite festive season throughout the year,
Well, who doesn't love x'mas
too bad i've only one day off for the celebration
because of my classes..
NVM, we will always have time for x'mas !!!
Not going to do the cheesy countdown
but i am going back to set up my christmas treeeeeee !!

No love for this post,