Thursday, June 13, 2013

Third Year

Entering Third Year of LLB indicates that there is still
half way to go till i complete my law degree.
Watching people around me graduate and start seeking for job
kinda stress me out, especially those started saving money
for houses, increases the pressure along as well.
Started to think how well can i afford myself if i graduate
and start my first job and receiving least salary a chambee can get.
Well, doesn't really wanna stress myself out with all these shit yet because
it's only the second week of the semester and i've attended all the third year subjects lecture
in this two weeks and made me horridly realized it wasn't as easy as i thought,
i mean no one ever told me it will be easy but at least i thought i could handle it.
But after all the lectures, i was wrong. Everything was just so new to me
and it took me 200% of attention to just figure out what was the lecturer talking about.
ok lah. stress enough with all these study shit and busy semester with my retake subjects
a idiot cyst decided to come out from nowhere and i have to surgically remove it asap.
It was set on this Friday. Since i have been through the same nightmare three years ago,
i knew how the whole things work but still, poking my vein to give me dropping still freaks me out.
Its been some time since i last blog, trying to link all my words to sentence giving me a hard time.
Thats it. Till then.


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