Thursday, July 25, 2013


Just read one of my bestie's blog about whats the reason of us blogging
still even till now when friends around us are ditching it slowly
and all their blogs are long neglected.
As what she mentioned in her blog, at first we blog for attention,
hope someone who cares will read our blog and etc but
now its like we wish to leave some footprints
and memories in a particular month or particular day to be
reminisced sometime later in the future.
She was right about that because i always find myself
linger around my own blog even though i have no new updates,
but i will just scroll to my old blog post and read what i've written down.
its fun, because human mind changes all the time, maybe at that 
moment i have that thought but i might think differently now when i 
read back the post and big possibility i will laugh at myself for being
so emotional or even stupid .
Anyway, nothing special recently. Just done the stupid surgery one month ago,
but i was back to school one week after i rest myself at home because
it was dead boring !! even i have tons of MC to be fully utilized but ughhh..
And yes, i've gone through the whole nightmare again.
Just done most of my midterm papers and tons of assignment deadlines
are waiting ahead. hopefully i could finish all by next week and there goes 
my holiday awaiting. My friend said i need a life goal so that i can keep 
myself occupied finding ways to achieve it... Well, i have never think of
that because all i want now is to graduate, get a job and pay my loan.
Goal of my life. Hmm. I think i need to come up with something like
mostly guy will say i want a lamborghini before 30 or earn the first bucket of gold before
30 or etc. Will go figure it out.