Monday, April 28, 2014

New Start

Currently sitting in the office chaining all the things i wanna
type out in this lil space of mine.
Am doing my attachment now which is gonna end in one month time
and yes i will be back to the study life again.
Its been a while since i write, i have not touch my diary
months ago because it meant for sad stuff.
Why would i said its a new start, because
all the miserable feelings i have had was finally over.
I always thought that sadness is inevitable in a relationship
but i was wrong, whenever sadness outweighed happiness,
you know you are at the wrong side of a happy relationship.
At the end of the day, what matter the most in a rs
is whether you are happy .
In this new start over, everything feel so new yet so comfy to me
I have never felt so secure before.
and yes i am happy, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
I truly appreciate that.
I hope this last.


Monday, January 6, 2014


2013 has come to an end. i have no idea what i have done in this year,
as in anything spectacular? NO i supposed.
it ended up pretty bad, first day of new year started off with 
an unpleasant mood, sometimes or should i say all the time i don't really know what i want,
i guess most of the people doesn't really know, we just live with it like that.
My life has come to a point where i have to make a decision,
to give up on something i had hold on for some time, or to keep
holding on, i know either decision will make me upset,
giving up on something that u once loved might be the most 
heartbroken thing that can ever be done but holding on to something
that makes you upset doesn't make it sounds any better.
In this point, i am just confuse, what kind of life am i looking forward to,
maybe i have always know what i want but i am afraid to take the step,
oh god. i just feel like crying .