Monday, April 28, 2014

New Start

Currently sitting in the office chaining all the things i wanna
type out in this lil space of mine.
Am doing my attachment now which is gonna end in one month time
and yes i will be back to the study life again.
Its been a while since i write, i have not touch my diary
months ago because it meant for sad stuff.
Why would i said its a new start, because
all the miserable feelings i have had was finally over.
I always thought that sadness is inevitable in a relationship
but i was wrong, whenever sadness outweighed happiness,
you know you are at the wrong side of a happy relationship.
At the end of the day, what matter the most in a rs
is whether you are happy .
In this new start over, everything feel so new yet so comfy to me
I have never felt so secure before.
and yes i am happy, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
I truly appreciate that.
I hope this last.



  1. To: Miss Strawberry

    It's been awhile and i'm not sure if you remember me.

    Somehow i manage to remember (partially) how to get to this blog of yours.
    I had to dropped by because i think i saw a familiar face at midvalley on the 18th of May. The mall was about the close, as i was waiting in line patiently (was rushing actually) to pay my parking ticket. There i saw that familiar face which puzzled me for a moment.. As our eyes were about to meet..

    Seeing that girl there with the familiar face (and eyes especially) with a guy by her side. Assuming that's her guy and with doubts if she was the person i knew, i looked away (to prevent being assumed as a pervert / cause misunderstanding) while trying to recall past memories..

    As i paid my ticket, i turned immediately. However, she wasn't there no more.
    Kept me wondering for awhile. If the person i saw with a familiar face..

    Was it you? Just someone with an almost similar face? Doppelganger, Twin, Evil Twin, supernatural etc? ( < if it were to fall into these categories, that would be creepy >.< haha. )

    Anyhow, i wish you all the best in life. That guy's a lucky one to have you ;) All the best in your relationship. Hope everyone in your family and the people you love are doing fine. Do take care always and drink plenty of water ya. (hmm. i wonder if you still drink very little water). Malaysia's weather aren't treating us really well :D haha.

    Best regards,
    Mr. Banana

    P.S: Wondering too if you are still collecting the snow/ice/just plain pretty/music globes. And if the one i got for you still works :) haha. Cheers!

    1. Hello! Omg Joseph !! I actually told liching I saw you at mid v but
      Not sure whether it's you anot that's why I didn't say hi I even asked whether is Joseph keeping the same hairstyle and when she said yes I'm pretty sure that's u. Lol. And FYI yes I still have the snowball collection

    2. And the one u got me is definitely still working haha.. I'm doing great... How about you?! Add me in fb!