Monday, February 29, 2016

Beginning of 2016

How time flies and baam its already 2016 without realising much.
Was clicking on the link at my blogspot and found out that most of it weren't working anymore.
Remember how we used to be so active in updating blogspot filled with thoughts.
Spending time working on those pictures and background for the blog.
It's been so long since i last wrote feelings and thoughts out and it is so hard
for me to transform all these into words now.
Thoughts and feelings that have no place to go.
Nothing has ever changed. I am still so selfish.
People learn through mistakes and outgrow flaws
but i am still here turning around like i was trapped in a vicious circle.
I am so tired of myself.
But yet, i couldn't change. 
I tried. But i am still the person me myself dislike as well.
Maybe good things were never meant for me.
Because the only thing i know is to make it worst



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